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Worldview assignment The purpose of this paper is to investigate the worldview of the Christian’s faith, their beliefs concerning their origin, morality, identity and meaning as described by their holy book, the Bible. Their ethical and moral teachings and belief in eternity.
Worldview assignment
A worldview can be viewed as lenses used to visualize, and altering the way feel about the world around us. It is brought about by absorption of education, culture influence, upbringing, books, movies and media. In fact, for much culture influence surrounding them determines their worldview.
According to the Christian worldview, the origin of Christianity developed with the end of Judaism during the first century. (Clooney, 2010). It is highly associated with the birth, life, death and resurrection of Christ Jesus and those who believe and follow his teachings. Christians are the followers Christ and Christianity is the religion. According to St. Paul, Christianity has a foundation in the body and the soul of Christ Jesus, believed to be the son of God. According St. John, Jesus is the Lamb of God who came down to salvage man from his sin. They also believe that, it is only through Christ that mankind will receive salvation and that Jesus has sat on the right of God. Christianity was mainly a religion of the West but has spread to the rest of the continent and become the main largest religion all over the world.
In the New Testament, Christians identify themselves with Jesus Christ as their true savior and the only son of God. According to St. Matthew, Jesus is the lamb of light and He links human beings with God. They believe that, through Christ, man will able to see God. St Peter in his teachings encourages the gentiles to accept and identify themselves Christ Jesus the savior. They believe in forgiveness of sins through Christ. Modern Christians identify themselves with British Israelis, descendants of Israelites who taken to captivity by the army of Assyria. They believe that White Christians are still the God’s chosen race and that Christ is an Israelite from Judah.
The meaning of Christianity derived from Christ and his followers the Christians, hence the name Christianity as a religion. The major purpose of the believers is to spread the Gospel to rest the world. They believe in a sacred book called the Bible as a true word of God. The Bible manifests the will and teaching of God to those ordained filled with the Holy Spirit. According to St. Paul, Jesus ordains his followers and gives authority to spread salvation to all. They had total faith in Christ as taught by St. Luke. (Gregersen, 1999).
Christian morals are the behavioral principles and role of conduct expected of them. Christian believers are to adhere to the rules and regulations directly from the Almighty. All believers are to follow the principles that create a sense of morality in an individual. Their morals are mercy, grace and forgiveness. St. Matthew warns about revenge but instead encourages believers to forgive one another. They believe in forgiveness so that God can forgive them too. St. Luke emphasizes on self righteousness.
Christians believe that they have a destiny to receive eternal life and live with Lord Jesus in heaven. After, faithful living, spreading the gospel, winning many in the kingdom of God, are blessed with eternal life. They view themselves as the offspring of God as narrated in the acts of apostles. According to Galatians, all believers will be heirs of God. There is to be united with Christ in eternity.
Christian believes influence how we think, how treat others and how we speak to others on a daily basis. Christians teachings guide us in relationship with others, the teaching compound us to faithful, kind, merciful, obedient and respectful to others. In fact, it compels us to love enemies and forgive them. The bibles through the power of God regulate how we think and always help us think positively. The law requires us to treat and love others just like we do to ourselves.
Again constant reading of the bible uncovers talents, which can eventually develop future career. A Christian believer realizes his/her talents through the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. For one to choose a reputable future career, prayers are highly essential to guide us become who want to be.
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