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  1. Finding the right outlook on the future in biblical readings
    On the topic of being present, much emphasis is being placed on this today, in the church and in the world. Jesus' exhortation to us to not worry about tomorrow could be, in part, a way to save us from the resulting depression it can bring into our lives.
  2. A license for the future
    However, it is the parents that are the main determining factor in the child's development, because they are the highest authority in regard to the child, by deciding such things as what schools the child will attend and directly as well as indirectly influencing the child simply through the relationship they share and the behaviors they set forth <...>
  3. Preserving the past for the present and future
    Much of the reason why many people do not realize there is even a problem with the destruction of archaeological sites is that the sites are prehistoric, meaning they date back to times before written records, and most people have not heard of the sites. Needing to hire an archaeologist from the State Historic Preservation Officers inevitably costsmoney, <...>
  4. My idea of the theatre of the future essay sample
    The Future of the Theatre In the advent of modern technology, the theatre faces a lot of opponents. The theatre of the future would be a repository of great talents from all walks of life.
  5. Pole dance: future olympic sport?
    The Pole Dance or Pole fitness is a discipline that goes back to the England of the 80s and has more and more followers. Despite the existence of Pole Dance championships, this discipline is to be introduced as a sport at the Olympic level.
  6. The future of ecotourism essay sample
    India has been taking steps in giving focused attention to the ecotourism in the state of Kerala. The government of India needs to impose more laws and actions concerning the ecotourism in Kerala so as not to put into waste the beauty that the place has been equipped.
  7. Future development of project management
    Asset Management & Administration The primary goal of asset administration is to lessen the administration costs, enhance the execution, security, and vitality proficiency. The calculations, for example, stack adjusting, Round Robin, Bin pressing calculation and inclination seek calculation were specified as the streamlining techniques to enhance the execution, lessen the cost, and limit the vitality utilization in IaaS <...>
  8. Language assessment - future perfect & continuous
    So, " this time next month, I.will be cooking a lot". Will I be cooking before this time next month?
  9. Jobs of the future
    In this article, the author talks about how the jobs of the future will come to change. The facts state that new jobs are being created, but there is always worry about the jobs that are to come in the future.
  10. Example of argumentative essay on how will america generate electricity in the future
    Solar energy is a renewable source of energy and has minimal impact on the environment whereas cleaner coal and nuclear energy have relatively lesser impact of the environment compared to carbon fuels, and produce large quantities of electricity. However, cleaner coal, nuclear energy, and solar are the alternative sources of energy that American should use to generate electricity <...>
  11. Using colonialism to stop it’s own problems: a future for africa
    Using Colonialism to Stop it's Own Problems: A Future for Africa Since the 19th century when colonialism began to sweep throughout the African continent, European nations have been the scapegoats for Africa's economic, political, and social issues. A renewal of colonialism seems to be the only possible fix for Africa's problems.
  12. Free research paper on the future of rhetoric in the electronic age
    It begins by considering the fate of English Departments faced with the much-vaunted ' death of the book', but quickly moves on to the weightier matters of the rhetoric of the visual and the consequent enfeeblement of rhetoric in the electronic age. It goes on to argue and eventually conclude that the deterioration of rhetoric and the homogeneity <...>
  13. Future financial stability
    The majority of column inches dedicated to the divisive issue of studentfinancefocus mainly on how students are going to manage to repay the substantial debts they are likely to incur in this process. This may be, but basing the figures on that of young graduates and projecting the forecasts over a forty-year period fails to account for the <...>
  14. Sex in youth does really affect their future?
    Introduction Premarital sex is doing an affair in couples that are not married, this case is illegal but even if it is illegal many of couples today is in this kind of situation. Teens everywhere are not waiting until they are married to have sex." Teens are saying ' sex is fun' and ' everybody is doing it' <...>
  15. The future of video games
    Of all the different types of technologies, digital technologies such as social media and the internet, in general, have been the most discussed in the academic world due to their great influence in the way things are done in the modern world. These technologies continue to evolve and experts have been involved in the analysis and speculation of <...>
  16. Pakistan’s economic future
    This article therefore examines the past developments, current trends of Pakistani economy and the future global and regional outlook and builds the most likely scenario for the medium term economic prospects of the country and then reviews the downside risks and upside gains around this scenario.2. To them, all the economic gains have accrued due to the windfall <...>
  17. The future of the american agricultural sector
    With the impending environmental effects of global warming, making the scenario of a global food crisis more likely than ever, it becomes obvious that the agricultural sector will play a key role in the foreseeable future of the United States. Hence, the essay will address the future of American agriculture by firstly casting a glance at the current <...>
  18. Sample argumentative essay on the future of green architecture
    It is often called the " green architecture" which refers to the evolution of architectural designs which are concerned with the awareness to the environment. The first sustainable skyscrapers are also built in Manhattan to promote the awareness to the environment and to simply reduce their consumption of energy.
  19. Free report about the future of tria
    The article starts with a flashback on the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program that developed after the 9/11 terror acts. Green gives a detailed account on the past attempts by members of Congress to renew the act.
  20. My future as a criminal lawyer
    To be a criminal lawyer, you must have a four year undergraduate degree, and a J. I know that to be a criminal lawyer, I must try my hardest in school and put time and patience into my work.
  21. A view from the future and the medieval ages
    The great publicist of the enlightenment, Voltaire, even while he advocated the widening of historical inquiry to embrace social and economic activities and their effect, strongly believed that any objects worthy of historical study were the peeks not the valleys of the achievements of mankind.l This statement shows that among the civilization that rose, the western civilization is <...>
  22. The future of democracy in south asia
    It affected India because the ownership of the land was given to the peasants and the British government collected the tax which demonstrated not fair to the peasants. The British were able to establish political control in South Asia because of confusion created by the decline in power of the Mughal Empire, the compulsion to take over new <...>
  23. Stan’s future self and evil cartman: pop culture assignment
    This part of the book is targeted towards anyone who is studying or learningphilosophydue to the fact that Shai explores the views of many philosophers that you have to know to understand his point that he is trying to make in this chapter. In the article, it is quite clear that memory also plays its role in personal <...>
  24. Kant and the prolegomena to any future metaphysics
    The true nature of metaphysics is laid out with scientific clarity in the Critique and the Prolegomena, and this is the essence that Kant wants to convey, not the final outcome. Such understanding is composed of components that are a priori and synthetic, and it is meant to make the world intelligible to us.
  25. Getting our future back on the rails – slowly
    Throughout the article the writer attempts to make the reader believe that a community garden would be a far more productive use of land instead of a skate park and he/she does this with an logical and passionate tone and throughout the article it evolves into a feeling of determination and importance, and this is achieved by the <...>
  26. A look into the future – predictions for blockchain technology
    There will be many investments for the development of different blockchain-based platforms and tools for verification of identities, payments, contracts, security measures, and a lot more. In the future, it will provide distributed autonomous application and will pave the way for autonomous trades and negotiations.
  27. Limitations and future research
    Another significant limitation of this research is our sample, the respondents were selected mix with luxury consumer and consumer in general, is hard to measure the if respondents are aware of the ethical diamond issues. Therefore, further study may conduct a research focus on the actual diamond jewellery consumer, who has a certain level of knowledge with diamonds <...>
  28. The future of digital forensics
    The new developments in digital crimes pose serious challenges to computer forensics thus calling for the need for the computer professionals to consistently look for new ways of mitigating the effects of such delirious acts so as to protect both organisations and individuals. The new developments in digital crimes and the challenges to computer forensics Vacca says that <...>
  29. What is our future going to be like if we continue
    Another reason why resources are being wasted Is that people do not know how to be echo-efficient due to lack of exposure to Information/awareness. If we ruthlessly persist to waste resources, we will face a tremendous number of problems In the future.
  30. Past and future life
    I remember one night after eating dinner my sister got up to put her dishes in the sink in the kitchen, so I came in behind her but as I walked up into the kitchen I saw her turning the gas stove on she then walked out of the kitchen, so I stayed in there nd washed my <...>

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  1. Future role of hospitals essay
    Hospitals in the future will need to plan to for the care of advanced age patients. In addition to the elderly, people 65 and older, the hospitals will play a vital role in taking care of a new group of patients, the obese.
  2. Future goals
    My future goals are successfully completing school, to be recognized for my accomplishments, and to wisely invest my hard work. In the second place, in order to be recognized for my accomplishments, I would use all the knowledge gained in my career to write a detailed book on different situations that are presented to teenagers.
  3. The future creative writing sample
    High carbon and greenhouse gases emissions in the air are two of the biggest factors that the worldwide community is actually considering. And there is also a limit to the number of people that can live in this world with complete provisions of water, electricity, food and shelter.
  4. Tiger mon equal to children success in future
    In order to reach the target and be the top student in the school, their children might get high GPA or obtain a Dean's List, which must be beneficial to them in future career. In consequence, even though the tiger mom approach is equal to a better future for children, it should not be black and white.
  5. Investing in africa`s future
    The developments of Conceptual Framework up-to-date: In July 2006 objectives of financial report and qualitative characteristics were published. In conclusion, Conceptual Framework has been developed to cater for a range of accounting models, capital maintenance and to set concepts and principles which are the foundation in financial preparation and presentation.
  6. Greatly drive the course of future
    To prevent the son from following his mothers example, the father tries to instill the importance of virtue and survival in his son. In the mother's absence, the father must provide his son with the affection that the son needs to promote the idea of survival.
  7. Good the technologically-advanced future essay example
    What if the future is going to be full of hologram creatures and they finally take over the planet? In conclusion, to me, the future does not look good.the human beings are getting lonelier and lonelier everyday.
  8. Admission essay on prepare yourself as a future pharmacist
    My job as a lab technician inspired me to attend the Western Univ.of Pharmacy and make a contribution to the field of Pharmacy. Therefore, I am asking for this unique chance to enter your institution and do the best I can to become a valuable member of the student body.
  9. My future career plans
    To become a dental hygienist I would have to get my associates degree in dental hygiene. To become registered in dental hygiene I need to complete a dental hygienist program and become licensed.
  10. Present status and future prospects of vending machines
    In this way, it will be important to increment per-machine income and to diminish the working expense of candy machines. As a feature of the utilization of IT to candy machines, organizations have built up a Java* plat-shape.
  11. Tatum future drug therapies. firstly, the transduction
    Sonic hedgehog signalling is activatedwithin the polarizing region of the chick, where the Sonic hedgehog protein isbelieved to have morphogenic properties that create the identity of positionalvalues across the antero-posterior axis of the limb. The result of this is the differentiation ofbasal cells, creating the pseudostratifiedairway epithelial in the developing and adult lung.
  12. The children are our future
    All the girls went out while the driver and his companion were changing the tire. They have the sea for their livelihood and the mountains are full of trees which makes the place cool and perfect to live in.
  13. Can computers replace teachers in future
    Although, the computers are extremely useful for the students, they cannot completely replace the teachers. This can even be achieved with the aid of a simple blackboard and chalk.
  14. The future of computers 14765
    As we can see computers as we know them today have enjoyed a phenomenal technological growth rate from the day the first one was booted, if the growth rate in the future is to resemble anything of the dramatic changes seen in the past significant research and development must be applied to several key areas in the field. <...>
  15. Computers are your future
    A cache is located in the microprocessors and improves the overall performance of the computer when it comes to speed Level 1 cache - is a unit of 4 KGB to 16 KGB, and the fastest memory Level 2 caches - is a unit of up to kippered and size. The difference between bandwidth and throughput is minor <...>
  16. Programming the future 3744
    One of the available fields is application programming Application programming is a very detailed field that is very rewarding and high in demand. With the chance for excellent salary and freedom to work at home it is clearly a great career choice.
  17. My future job
    These days, new ways of marketing management are emerging with the use of latest apps, smartphones, and iPads. To conclude, Marketing Management is a very good profession with a lot of opportunities for development and creativity and a lot of importance.
  18. Concerns for the future of our society
    We need to change that because if we are to move forward in the world and help other countries, we have to learn to work with other cultures. As a nurse, I think it is imperative that we understand the conditions that AIDS and HIV bring and that we are educated in how to talk with people who <...>
  19. Future of air conditioning is white paint
    Because as Romans, Andalusians and old Christians had done before, that of dressing the streets in white and decorating them with geraniums and gypsies was not one of the few ways we had to flee from the heat as the soul that the devil carried. It is a porous polymer that scatters and reflects sunlight due to differences <...>
  20. This is how i am prepaired for my future
    I often reflect on what kind of person I would like to be In the future and what my future life will look like. I want to live In Delhi or Kanata the future.
  21. The future of the u.s. commercial airline industry
    The United States Airline Industry was profitable in the 1930s and also in the beginning of the World War II; this was as a result of the introduction of the Boeing 247 and the Douglas DC-3. The factors that can be used to attract customers into the industry are by having attractive airline services and having the airlines <...>
  22. Internet use and the future of online services
    Giddens characterizes the global economy and trade as that which is based on spread and networking of data and knowledge, and which is predominantly borrowing from technology to a focus on "post industrial and service oriented" outlook. Indeed, the role of Information Communication and Technologies and the coming of the internet and its continued evolution are viewed by <...>
  23. Good essay on social media: the rise of a culture and the fall of ones future
    One of the most revolutionary discoveries of the modern era is social media, which created a contemporary society that paved the way for the rise of a new kind of culture. With a single click, students and the rest of the youth population is exposed to a number of uncensored contents and a myriad of social groups with <...>
  24. Good example of the current and future issues facing courts and courts administrators today essay
    This paper seeks to evaluate the current and future issues facing and affecting the courts and administrator of the court in the current modern society. The increased globalization has been among the issues facing the court and courts' administrators in the current modern society and will be a challenge in the future based on the trends.
  25. Annotated bibliography on rape and how it affects future relationships
    In one of the examples the author notes that, rape victims have been found to avoid companies of people of the opposite sex, for example if one was attacked by a person of the other sex. In his findings, the author says that victims of rape were found to be more anxious than the control group.
  26. Course work on the future of organized crime technology
    The future of organized crime and drugs is rather bleak, and it will be difficult for criminal justice to be rendered especially in the Americas where organized crime has taken new technological heights, with criminal activities being organized online and not manually. In summary, organized crime may even grow tight and difficult to fight in the future.
  27. Ethical issues with future technologies essay sample
    This is in part due to the lack of sufficient time of considering the possible ramifications and as well in part due to the intensification of these ethical issues. The use of Humanoid Robot as a replacing of human beings is likely to create increased challenges and legal considerations in many aspects of society.
  28. Decisions that contributed to the end of arthur’s reign in the once and future king
    That is why we have to take not of the parentage of Arthur's son Mordred, and to remember, when the time comes, that the king had slept with his own sister". Mordred was Arthur's own flesh and blood and because of that, the king loved him.
  29. An individuals background determines their future success in life movie reviews example
    They could not afford to buy the ornaments and the couple decides that it would be wise to borrow from Mme. The novel says that the attaches from the ministry wante3d to dance with her.
  30. Film critical analysis - the future of food
    The Future of Food lays bare the way Green Revolution benefitted the large corporations and how the industrial farming of food negatively impacted the small farmers. The objective of the Green Revolution was to facilitate a massive increase in the overall production of crops in the poor or developing nations by promoting an extensive use of high yielding <...>

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