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  1. Exploiting songs to promote learning
    In this presentation, I am going to talk about the importance of using songs in teaching English as a foreign language, types of songs that can be used in the EFL classrooms and, beside these theoretical points, I am going to give practical teaching tips for how to use songs in EFL classrooms. 6- Poems, rhymes, chants and <...>
  2. E-learning questionnaire
    Thus, the governments and education stakeholders have to look again at the investments on e-learning; if e-learning gives the same results as FTF, then perhaps educators can just choose to explore new FTF strategies.-Learning: Concept and practice in Malaysia To be more specific on the practice of e-learning, there is not yet a 100% e-learning. Conclusion As this <...>
  3. Population learning importance to quantity of education economics essay
    From several years the literature on link between education and economic growth of any country has been focusing on the importance of quantity of education and purely neglected the issue of quality of education and has also overlooked the core of what education is all about. It has been stated that the economic growth and productivity of a <...>
  4. Factors that influence the clinical learning experience of nursing students at a caribbean school of nursing
    Then, as the title of the article suggest, the researcher define the issue by exposing the discontent of nursing student who are the population that are being studied in their clinical rotations and what factors influences their learning behavior. A description of the phenomena is stated in detail and is explain as follow: students are in a negative <...>
  5. Memory and learning
    Sensory Memory Short term memory Long term memory Sensory Memory As the name indicates sensory memory so this type of memory is provided by senses and it is very short. Operant Conditioning It is a type of learning given by Skinner which is based on the consequences of behavior.
  6. Social learning theory
    The research will use the following working definitions: Dependent Variables: Deviant behavior after abuse: The behavior of the victim shown after the abuse had happened to him or her. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Juveniles Age: Age the first time that you were exposed to criminal behavior or crime?
  7. Assurance of learning exercises
    Implemented plans to Inhalant and accelerate the turnaround of the Mix business in Europe. The management brought the Mix line out of the gutter and made it possible for LIZ Collarbone Inc.
  8. Learning from ojt
    Background of the Company The birth of the Home Development Mutual Fund The birth of the Home Development Mutual Fund, more popularly known as the Pag- IBIG Fund, was an answer to the need for a national savings program and an affordable shelter financing for the Filipino worker. The order directed transferring the administration of the Fund to <...>
  9. Learning disabilities essay sample
    In addition the Human Rights Act 1998 has two articles that also suggest this to be true with the right to life and the right to not be " subject to inhumane treatment" which directly links to the right to receive healthcare. 1 The Human Rights Act 1998 has two articles that also suggest this to be true <...>
  10. Research paper on learning disabilities and current issues
    Moreover, the current issues in learning disabilities are highlighted i.e, the more appropriate measure to identify and treat learning disabilities. Moreover, effectiveness of the treatment of learning disabilities in a child could not be predicted on the basis of diagnosis of discrepancy.
  11. Example of article review on statistical learning in children with specific language impairment
    The first phase was administered on children with SLI condition and children without it as control to compare the results of tests done upon them. The second experiment with increased duration gave similar results which showed that there is a certain difference in the grasping ability of normal children and children with SLI.
  12. Good essay on learning points from the critical analysis
    [Institution Title] Given the case of the 52 year old Irish American patient suffering from malignant essential hypertension and beginning symptoms of history-related Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, the following learning points had been acquired:- Angina symptoms include severe chest pain associated with labored breathing and diaphoresis.- This is often mistaken for a heart attack because the substernal and <...>
  13. Failure and learning in sports essay example
    The incremental theory of ability focuses more on people who believe that abilities or in this case talent in sports is something that is accrued and developed to perfection over a lifetime. If you are a person who is in a fixed mindset you will believe that you are predetermined to only be good at what comes easily <...>
  14. How infant caregivers and educators can contribute to young children's learning process
    Spending time with the child in the house or the backyard will allow the other family members to get involved in the child's learning. Caregivers get to spend a lot of time with children; it is their professional responsibility to monitor the children closely.
  15. How childhood development leans towards learning, education and play
    My favorite subjects were Math and English, because I was always good with numbers and caught on quickly to the lesson and I love to read and comprehend things. When I was 0-5 years old my growth rate was fairly constant due to the fact that I would grow like 1 inch each summer, and my weight was <...>
  16. Contribution of the eyfs to young children’s development and learning
    When the children are brought together through EYFS, the practitioners are able to acknowledge individual child's ability and be fully aware of what they can learn, thus allow them to plan and provide for every stage in the learning process. The practitioner is able to judge the extent of their engagement with the children during play, and when <...>
  17. The impact of video games on student's learning ability in classrooms
    This is a useful article as it talks about the relationship between video games and problem-solving strategies and that is important to understand as the many students are used to playing video games rather than going out. The purpose of the study done was to see if previous studies were correct regarding the relationship between video games and <...>
  18. Education as learning to be towards understanding bernard lonergan's transcendental philosophy
    In understanding transcendental philosophy, we must be aware of our consciousness and self-knowing." We are free when we do things for a purpose" according to Bernard Lonergan. Knowledge from our education is needed to become conscious and self-aware on the philosophy of our lives.
  19. My personality and learning style
    The students who have compatible learning style with the teachers teaching style will retain information better and be efficient in learning. Talk to the instructor and counselor's so you are learning needs can be met and prevent you from failing the class.
  20. Social learning theory: an attempt to explain crime
    Considering all the data, the components of the theory, and the test of the theory, new policies will be suggested. Robbery, as defined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is " the taking or attempting to take anything of value from the care, custody, or control of a person or persons by force or threat of force or <...>
  21. Critical thinking on design and defend a strategic learning plan
    The objective would be to assist the classroom teacher by supporting the teacher in offering additional support to the student. The activity would be referred to as study time where all students would work on academics.
  22. Social learning
    In the same way, adolescents who witness values and upright actions from other people are likely to follow the right path as well. Moreover, broken home is a factor resulting to juvenile delinquency, disrupting the practices of responsible and positive parenting.
  23. Learning and teaching in the inner city education essay
    A figure of jobs, with a assortment of solutions, affect interior metropolis schools; a figure of which are discussed below: Immigrationaddition in interior metropoliss has increased the figure of kids in school with English as a 2nd linguisticcommunication." The steep rise of in-migration into Britain has been demonstrated by new figures that show more than 1, 500 schools <...>
  24. Inclusive teaching and learning approaches essay sample
    It's important to select an appropriate learning approach to allow the learners to be actively engaged in the session and make the most out of their learning experiences, and it's not about what the teacher will teach, but rather how the learners will learn. An initial assessment or learning style questionnaire could be done prior to a course <...>
  25. All students can and will learn given the proper tools, technology and conducive environment essay
    Going back to the example of creating a mathematical system as an educational tool, the invention of the calculator and computer have greatly contributed on this. The teacher has control over what tools to use in facilitating the learning process of the student.
  26. Example of adult and child learning compared research paper
    The reason for this change of terminology, according to the article, is that whereas pedagogy means teacher-directed instruction, whereby those being taught need to learn only what the teacher decides to teach them and are in a fully dependent and submissive role in that environment, which demands obedience from the learners. The assumption is that the andragogical approach <...>
  27. To learn english as an english teacher
    However it is worth for the wealth of information and the opportunity to open up for a person, for instance, the use of information andcommunicationby internet or traveling abroad the world, they are two advantages for learning English. Also most of the students think to learn English is difficult because they speak English as speak Spanish or because <...>
  28. Manual blood pressure: a reflective account of a teaching and learning activity
    The student is the focus of this learning activity, the skills learned will help to enable job progression and put emphasis on the significance of a patient's blood pressure. The lesson plan is to act as a guide in order to allow the learner to see the skills and information needed for the student to learn how the <...>
  29. The concept of transformative learning and my teaching experience
    Reflecting on my early teaching at medical school I can see how the assumptions I made about medicine and the role of the physician had to change and adapt as I gained more exposure to the field and this is an ongoing process through my career the more I experience, learn and reflect. Reflecting on transformative education in <...>
  30. The role of the practitioner in supporting the learning needs
    Another role of the practitioner is to work professionally and responsibly such as to work as part of the team, work with parents and partners, participate in providing an environment that is welcoming and stimulating and to meet the learning needs of each individual child by providing a range of activities and experiences Tassoni, et.al. Another role of <...>
  31. Planning and enabling learning
    The ability of the teacher to negotiate is affected by: 1The established view of education within the organisation; the established view of how the organisation operates2Personal factors which influence the extent to which the teacher feels comfortable3Negotiating with learners 4The demands of the course which define the limits of what can be negotiated and to what extent. In <...>
  32. Machine learning and artificial intelligence
    Fears and opportunities in the unknown: A perhaps obvious consequence of introducing AI and ML is the automation of several processes in the business value chain. But even as ML and AI initially seem to be daunting and difficult to embrace, the possibilities for pushing the region to the next development step are endless.
  33. Types of machine learning literature review example
    However, even the study of human and animal learning in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, biology, and even economics and control theory can be related to machine learning. The history of machine learning can be divided into three periods, namely the exploration period in the 1950s and 1960s; the development of practical algorithms in the 1970s; and the <...>
  34. Operation ai and machine learning
    That is why my goal for this project is to research about AI and Machine learning and find out how it can affect in the future and how is it affecting now. The principle of operations Machine Learning Systems is that it learns and analyze information by itself.
  35. Microevolution and macroevolution in teaching and learning
    Microevolution and Macroevolution Microevolution is a process of evolution that leads to minor changes to a population's gene pool, specifically because of variation that is generated by mutation and genetic recombination. With time, genetic drift and natural selection lead to macroevolution, which, in turn, leads to significant changes to the gene pool and the evolution of other new <...>
  36. My motivation to further learn the english language
    I was stressed because everything was in English, and I had to look for Arabic people, otherwise I would have been lost. Q international school was my English school and I am very thankful because without English I would not have been able to come to understand these different cultures.
  37. The difference between extrinsic and intrinsic learning essay sample
    Intrinsic motivation When people are intrinsically motivated the reward for the activity seems to be part and parcel of the activity itself "" there is no reward separate from the spontaneous feelings and thoughts that accompany the activity, excited and involved. The behaviour tends to be a means to some end rather than a part of the end, <...>
  38. Obstacles to learning
    Obstacles to Learning As a thirty-one-year old husband, father-to-be, and professional, I have come to realize that I have many new challenges to face as I start back into school. I feel the best strategy to overcoming this challenge at work is to share with my Boss the goals and objectives I have for completing my degree.
  39. It enters a new learning environment
    Meaningful Learning If the traditional learning environment gives stress focus to rote learning and simple memorization, meaningful learning gives focus to new experience departs from that is related to what the learners already knows. Generative Learning In generative learning, we have active learners who attend to learning events and generate meaning from this experience and draw inferences thereby <...>
  40. Learning with interpersonal intelligence
    This is also the case for some teenage learners with autistic spectrum disorder who prefer to elaborate individual portfolio sheets on the computer to fit the frames perfectly, as they feel the need do to so, illustrated below: It has also been managed to engage almost all my autistic teenage students in didactic activities, even in pairs, with <...>

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  1. Supporting teaching and learning level 3 certificate essay sample
    This can be achieved with the assumption that each child arrives to school ready and able to learn, all the relevant resources are available for task and that as a TA you have the necessary subject knowledge or experience to effectively support in learning. This plan will show the initial Learning Objective to which the children need to <...>
  2. Three possible learning theories integrated by aiu online within the course
    These theories include: Gagne's conditions of learning, the importance of structuring and sequencing of instruction, the socially mediated aspects of learning, individual construction of knowledge through experience and external constraints, experiential knowledge resident within and among adult learners and fostering deep learning.II. The need to foster deep learning is evidenced in use various electronic learning support.
  3. A learning machine
    It is quite difficult to see the author's main point in the sense that he simply discussed the findings of the five psychological scientists regarding their research on the neural plasticity of the brain. It appears that the author adapted the findings of the scientists which have served as the main point of the article.
  4. My personal learning style
    That is why I consider important knowing and understanding the characteristic of a kinesthetic learner to thereby adjust my study habits and do better in college. It is important for me as a student to know the study habits that fit better my learning style, it not only will help me to preform better in college, but it <...>
  5. Adult learning & critical thinking, learning, and logic
    In a way, Cognizant education exists: learn the answers to the questions asked and be the quickest to buzz in. I must stimulate my mind to come to a realization of what needs to be put in the box.
  6. Transformative learning is a process of examining
    The challenge for organisations, module, and advisers requires the ability to acknowledge and find challenges and issues impacting the pupils. In order for pupils to develop the acquisition accomplishments for success, requires a changeless reappraisal and alteration of learning manners.
  7. Advantages of cooperative learning for english language learners
    Concerted acquisition is a successful instruction scheme in which little squads, each with pupils of different degrees of ability, take part in a assortment of larning activities to better their apprehension of a topic. Concerted larning provides the chance for English linguistic communication scholars to speed up acquisition of the linguistic communication accomplishments required to be making good <...>
  8. The inspiration in learning english
    Moreover, there are a few kinds of inspiration in learning English which depend on the birthplace of inspiration, in view of the reason for inspiration and dependent on Abraham Maslow hypothesis. Right off the bat, gives us a chance to view the main grouping sort of inspiration in learning English dependent on the birthplace of the inspiration.
  9. Adult learning theory
    Their learningmotivationmay be influenced by their desire to increase their circle of friends and association, to fulfil the expectations or recommendations of a person with authority, to be of service to mankind and to their community, to achieve job security or to relive boredom and have a break from the usual routine of home or work. Providing the <...>
  10. Critical thinking on learning
    In classical conditioning, an animal or person learns through the means of associating one stimulus to a given stimulus. If the smell of this food is then associated with the ringing of a bell, an individual may still get angry even without the smell of the food as he or she conditions their mind to associate the scent <...>
  11. Integration across a range of learning areas education essay
    More expertness is required on behalf of the instructors in order to maximize acquisition by effectual integrating.'In order to protect students ' self-pride and develop assurance, it is of import that oppugning takes topographic point in an encouraging and supportive ambiance '. It is indispensable that the instruction takes history of these differences and is antiphonal to the <...>
  12. Does social network site use affect student grades and learning? essay sample
    This direction is particularly fruitful to consider how youth's everyday practices with technology constitute learning in and of itself, and how these activities are in stark contrast to practices within school. Greenhow and Robelia examine the SNS use of 11 low-income youth and find numerous social behaviors that provide a theoretical link to learning outcomes.
  13. Reflection on learning with learning contract
    There were some people that played a part in the group activities and there were some that did not, this was what contributed to the breakdown incommunicationin my group. Feelings I felt very frightened in the group setting because I preserved that I was the youngest in the group and I did not know anyone, which I was <...>
  14. Language learning strategies
    The use of language learning strategies in second and foreign language for learning and teaching have become part of the language syllabi." Weinstein and Mayer defined learning strategies broadly as " behaviors and thoughts that a learner engages in during learning" which are " intended to influence the learner's encoding process" Later Mayer more specifically defined LS as <...>
  15. Multidimensional perspective in learning styles education essay
    Lifelong acquisition Personalizing instruction is committed to lifelong acquisition and to the proviso of flexible acquisition environments and a figure of tracts for instruction to run into the demands of all scholars. Further, Johnson in 2004, made the undermentioned comments that highlights some of the complications between the involvement of the person in individualized acquisition and the demands <...>
  16. Internet as a learning tool
    The scope of this paper is to analyze the north Indian engineering student's perception about internet as learning tool effects of internet on them in perspective of their relations, education, entertainment and and socialization. PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The purpose of this research was to collect information about the impact of internet on learning of engineering students.
  17. Plts award in employement and personal learning skills in health
    1 What are the components of your Apprenticeship framework and what is the relevance of each? Certificate in Healthcare Support Services Level 2: The purpose of this qualification is to guide and assess the development of knowledge and skills relating to thehealthworkforce.
  18. A review on unsupervised machine learning for networking
    The focus of this survey paper is to provide an overview of applications of unsupervised learning in the domain of networking. In order to find the essential pattern of the underlying data by extracting intrinsic dimensions, it is necessary that the real essence is not lost; e.g, it may be the case that a phenomenon is observable only <...>
  19. Teacher learning through the lens of activity theory education essay
    2 Describe RelevantScholarship In this subdivision some surveies are reviewed in order to lucubrate some of the cardinal constructs in the survey such as, " restrictive " and " expansive " larning environment, " formal " and " informal " acquisition, and the activity theory.1.2. Anchoring on this thought a new e-learning plan was introduced to the instructors <...>
  20. Cultural border crossing and collateral learning education essay
    Integrating the learning what scientific civilization entails in the mundane life of the scholar into the scientific discipline course of study in Brunei Darussalam as a scheme for assisting pupils transverse cultural boundary line A cultural attack to learning and larning harmonizing to Aikenhead involves pupils in cultural dialogues. Aikenhead et Al.suggested that instruction of scientific discipline should <...>
  21. Child’s learning and development
    A kid 's acquisition and development Begins from the minute they are born, the early old ages from birth to five are an of import milepost in a individual 's life, what a kid experiences in the early old ages has a major impact on their hereafter opportunities in life. Detecting and measuring babes and immature kids <...>
  22. Counselling: learning and active listening
    Counselling is to help the client to open up about there feeling inside and thoughts when the client has no one to talk to and is in need to talk to someone. Good body language to the show the client you are active listening and paying attention on what's been said.
  23. Cognitive learning theory
    Cognitive Learning: Observational Learning According to Albert Bandura and his colleagues, observational learning is also a major part of the learning process. Is the way our brain processes and interprets information that we learn part of Cognitive learning?
  24. Some people say that learning from experience is better than learning from books.
    And i feel learning from experience gives us a better idea of the subject under study and also we start to analyze things from different dimensions, and that practical knowledge helps speed up the learning process. I think the knowledge we acquire from school and college is nothing but minimal and that we have covered only a tip <...>
  25. Support learning activities
    The ways in which a learning support practitioner can contribute to the planning are numerous, from the obvious preparation of equipment and a safeenvironmentconducive to learning to providing insightful input regarding pupil's individual learning needs and abilities based on their own experience. The delivery of learning support is not complete, however, until you have fed back to both <...>
  26. Meeting learning needs case study
    All children, wherever they are educated, need to be able to learn, play and develop alongside each other within their local community of schools", going further to state that " inclusion is about much more than the type of school that children attend: it is about the quality of their experience; how they are helped to learn, achieve <...>
  27. Effects of behavioral and cognitive learning theories in consumer behaviour essay examples
    Behavioral and cognitive learning theories are the two approaches to the study of learning. Generally, the effect of cognitive learning is directly related to decision making while the chance of remembering the product significantly increases the probability of purchasing the product by consumer.
  28. Learning agreement
    This will be the best opportunity to capitalize on his experience as well as maximize on the growing interactions I will have with other employees at the workplace. In the process of documenting these stocks, I will have to check on the environment of the stocks and make sure that everything is working as required.
  29. Lesson 4: the effective trainer:learning check 4 [3dlal4lc4]: role of the trainer
    The trainer has played the role of a facilitating so as to ensure that in the intended information/message to the trainees has been presented in a more efficient and effective manner. A, and Erickson, P.A.
  30. Week two learning team reflection
    Consumers Energy Company Theresa Waldo started working for the organization in 1997 where she participated in the apprentice program and trained employees to become journeyman electrical workers. Waldo took the company to the court to claim her rightful place in the society and to punish the company for its wrongful behavior in order to ensure that it is <...>
  31. What can we learn from rosa parks
    What We Learn from Rosa Parks One of the lessons that we can learn from Rosa Park and apply to our modern life is the need for people to have courage and do the right things, based on their beliefs. She then used this enlightenment to fight for the rights of black people.
  32. Sample essay on learning theories
    The first teachers to a child are the parents and guardians; they influence the growth and learning of a child not only in the childhood stage but also in adulthood. The environment that I grew up in played a key role in learning, and this can be explained using the social learning theory.
  33. Contemporary perspectives of learning and development essay
    The effect of this societal belief of childhood construct in the 21st century is that children have become more carefree and spend most of their time playing and seeking for adventures. If the same was to happen in our contemporary society, it would result in the prosecution of parents and even the owners of the farms and factories <...>
  34. Social learning problems with children research paper examples
    This affects the child's capability of learning because the child is forced to work for a living at a critical and tender age. Eventually, the lack of social living and friends affect the child's learning to a point where the child is forced to drop school.
  35. Lilys experience and learning essay
    Bees have a secret life we do not know anything about".[ CITATION Kid02 p 148 l 1033 ], Sue Monk Kidd ' s The Secret Life of Bees is much more than simply learning about secrets, it's a tale where several themes and social issues are highlighted and the impact of all those on a young girl ' <...>
  36. What can we learn from luke about jesus’ attitudes to women?
    Luke highlights here also that Jesus revealed himself in one of his key roles according to Jesuscentral.com, ' as Messiah, to a woman.' The Life Light Home Study Course also highlights that Luke emphasizes, ' the fact that it was women that were the first resurrection evangelists. According to Luke, Jesus touched a dead women, the daughter of <...>
  37. Evaluation of walt whitman's poems: a noiseless, patient spider, when i heard the learn'd astronomer and song of myself
    The purpose of the extended metaphor in the poem was to bring to the attention of the reader this theme. The beginning of the poem describes the speaker listening to the lecture and he is not satisfied with the way the astronomer talks about space.
  38. Teaching strategies in lifelong learning essay sample
    For example Identification of needs; which would include the start of a record keeping process by the teacher to include personal details of learners, Individual Learning Plans and other associated documents would attract the attention of Data Protection legislation, as well as organisational policies and procedures on handling business related information and any other activities undertaken within the <...>
  39. "the to learn new things, on the
    The possibility of narrating is interesting; to take a thought or an episode, and transform it into a story. Insert PictureFor improving your story a one, note: Do a little research on the subject you are going to portray your story on, and change the critical issues, chop them down to get the most valuable substance in your <...>
  40. The use of business process re-engineering and learning organisation change tools in manufacturing and service industry
    In the first part of the essay, the two changes tools; business process re-engineering and learning organisation will be defined as well as the characteristics of a manufacturing and service industry along with their similarities and differences identified. To stay ahead, organisation has to learn quickly and that the rate of learning has to be higher than the <...>
  41. Essay on learning diversity and authentic assessment tools
    Slavin, Lake, Davis, and Madden have justified the use of cooperative learning strategies in the classroom to have positive effects for struggling readers. Lesson 3, with the theme of Earth and Space Science utilizes a cooperative learning strategy where the students share their experiences in a small group.
  42. Adapting the learning environment for children with disabilities research paper sample
    The research found that different disabilities and the degrees of those disabilities require correspondingly different types of adaptations to the learning environment in terms of modifications to classroom layout, lighting and furnishings, to classroom tools, equipment and play items, and in some instances even modifications to the building itself. Wistrom and Stannard Gromisch deal with some of these <...>
  43. Free argumentative essay about technology in the classroom: using digital game based learning as an educational
    The latest tablet or phone grabs the attention of the public sphere, enrapturing the masses with the latest capabilities and capacities of the hottest device. Studies show that with proper integration into the school curriculum, the use of digital video games as an educational tool can prove beneficial to the learning process of high school students and students <...>
  44. Learning and training programs l&t
    Mmanagement skills and deepbroad thinking on the basis of learning and training eventexperience, learning and training program are provide a surroundingenvironment to the student that they move toward experimental scientific understanding, using scientific words and development of scientific interpretation reasoning. My PI provide me a great chance to develop my mental and thinking strength by their motivational speech <...>
  45. Technology is having positive effects on how students learn research paper
    Bordbar, in " Communication Without Barriers" says that at the inception of the technology integration process, a common problem is that classroom teachers often rely on technology to teach students, rather than using the technology as an educational tool, or the technology is used in situations that do not warrant its use. The perceived reason for the failure <...>
  46. Do children learn better in single sex schools essay
    Advocates of single sex schools claim that girls taught in an all-girls school take more risks when it comes to answering teachers' questions when in the company of the same sex, rather than when in the presence of the opposite sex. In the same light, the American Council of Education stresses that there is not much of a <...>
  47. Education in prison the effectiveness and justification of letting prisoners learn thesis examples
    The Determinate Sentencing Law provides the ability for judges to sentence offenders to California state prisons for a set amount of time, depending on the severity of the crime and the verdict itself. Inmates with a voice and new skills to use on rest of the world.
  48. Free report on learning in the key of life by jon spayde analyses
    The article of Jon Spayde Learning in the Key of Life is about the issue of " in-the-street" education. The article consists of the thoughts of people, connected with the sphere of education, and its main idea is that education should be based on the real world, be closely connected with life and, therefore, contain spiritual component.
  49. Education: a philosophy for learning personal statement examples
    Appealing to the very cause of humanity should invoke the principle that all children regardless of social or financial status, or the color of skin and ethnic background, should be granted the opportunity of education at least in the basic skills necessary to function in our rapidly changing world. Not in the abusive sense of the word, but <...>
  50. Should high school students learn a foreign language essay samples
    In the end, it is believed that the bulk of research will support the conclusion that the learning of a foreign language can have a significant positive impact on a student's education, future career, and life as a whole. The fact that adults in mass have begun to embrace and advocate for the learning of foreign languages indicates <...>
  51. Example of learning disabilities research essay
    The scope of this study is students with learning disabilities at the Lab School of Washington DC. The research is governed by the following objectives; 1) To establish the form of Art-Making that is effective in language expression for use with students having learning disabilities, 2) To find out the impact of Art-Making in the learning process of <...>
  52. Example of article review on learning in the information age
    The study in the previous article needed this concept in order to ask and fill in the questionnaire. The important aspects in the article are reading, writing and talking.
  53. Advantages of call and it in language teaching and learning essay examples
    First, secondary schools should be more attentive to grammatical accuracy in the language teaching so as to achieve a mastery of the German grammar that is crucial for undergraduate studies. The importance of using IT in language education is that the computer adds variety to the learning experience as well as individualizing learning.
  54. Free essay on learning to labor
    Moreover, the study exists described as one of the unsurpassed books on male working class youth and is still viewed as ' the expert in ethnographical studies.' The underachievement of 12 non-academic, working class boys was Willis' point of focus in the study. This translates to the fact that the boys are rebelling against the school itself and <...>
  55. Example of learning english as a second language essay
    The objective of this essay is to find out how students are able to learn English as a second language and the methods that are employed in teaching English as a second language. According to a research study by Littlewood, most of the people who undertake the short courses are able to understand fully the English language in <...>
  56. Adult development and learning case study sample
    The Adult-Based Learning model is tailored to meet the needs of adult learners. The ABL model of learning is the most suitable model of delivering knowledge to adult learners.
  57. Foreign language learning at kindergarten
    I completely disagree with the idea of foreign language instruction in kindergarten. Conclusion: The idea of foreign language instruction in kindergarten level education is examined in this paper.
  58. Social processes in learning in and out of the classroom
    Social Processes in Learning In and Out of the Classroom Social learning is learning that takes place at a wider scale than individual or group learning, up to a societal scale, through social interaction between peers. Palincsar believes the purpose of reciprocal teaching is to facilitate a group effort between teacher and students as well as among students <...>
  59. Learning styles and preferred teaching styles of
    It also investigated the relationships between the learning styles and the preferred teaching styles of the students in their TLE subject. Also, it was designed to analyze the difference in the learning styles of students and teaching styles of TLE teachers in public and private high schools.
  60. Online learning
    Many students nowadays are not the conventional learner and have to work and do not possess the time to commit in a classroom because of the type of employment I do. The reasons used to back up the claim of quality in the instructor is because, for a movie, the actors are better compared to the typical stage <...>
  61. An autobiography of learning experiences to date, illustrating how they have influenced your view of how teachers can help learners
    My teacher, Mrs Herbert was the best teacher in the school, to me at the time. This to me was when, even indirectly, I started to look at how the teachers carried out their lessons and how they were towards me as a student, this instantly saw the separation of my ' favourite' teachers.
  62. Creating an effective learning environment in the classroom
    Circulating around the room during group work I think is an effective tool because she is being active in the students' learning and not sitting back watching the students while they work. Demanding respect and expecting a lot out of her students I think is a necessity to having an effective learning environment, but I do not care <...>
  63. 'the objective of education is learning'
    Ackoff and Daniel Greenberg point out that today's education system is seriously flawed - it focuses on teaching rather than learning." Why should children - or adults - be asked to do something computers and related equipment can do much better than they can?" the authors ask in the following excerpt from the book." Why does not education <...>
  64. Learning needs assessment: character education
    A character education program that is included into school procedures and environments will provide students with a variety of incomparable character traits throughout a student's school day with examples and qualities of exceptional character by administration, teachers, and faculty/staff. According to Woodcrest School, there is a character education program that offers activities that students are able to participate <...>
  65. Roles & responsibilities in lifelong learning
    In this essay I will cover some of roles and responsibilities of a teacher and the relationships between teachers and the the various stakeholders in the LLS. It is theresponsibilityof the teacher to promote and uphold the principles of fairness and inclusivity in the classroom.
  66. Basic teaching & learning course (kap central zone/2013) 19 - 23 february 2013
    PBL is a new method of learning where there is a balance between what the students should learn and how they should be learning." This new approach to learning is bringing about new ways in which students are involved in the learning process. This type of students would be more interested to learn if they are given more <...>
  67. How to be effective at teaching and learning
    In order to be effective at teaching and learning, a teacher has to address all the phases of the teaching cycle: In my own role as a language tutor at the Dutch Flemish Institute in Cairo, I was involved in all stages of this cycle. The interview was simultaneously a tool to check whether the English level of <...>
  68. Learning safety skills with driving schools in hornchurch 
    With Driving Schools In Hornchurch no doubt driving a car is a fun thing especially for new recruits, however, there is this very real dilemma that annual fatality figures are in the four-figure mark for most European countries and a five-figure mark in the USA with a 55MPH speed limit. The car driving schools have a huge responsibility <...>
  69. 10 lessons you should learn sooner than later
    Related: You are not entitled to much of anything in this world, and that's a good thing. Stay true to yourself and be the genuine you.
  70. What is the moral message that priestly wants us to learn
    I will conclude with what I think the moral message is that Priestly is trying to put across in the play of an inspector calls. As we get to the end of the play Shelia becomes a very open person, I think this is because she has nothing else to hide.
  71. Importance and role of computers in teaching and learning process essay sample
    The particular sequence of operation can be changed readily, allowing the computer to solve more than one kind of problem In addition, according to Columbia Encyclopedia computer is a device that accepts information and manipulates it for some result based on a program or sequence of instruction n how the data is to be processed. Moreover, when computer <...>
  72. Religion is a simple concept to learn. webster's dictionary defines religion
    His religion is tested when he lies to most of the people he meets traveling down the Mississippi River, and Huckleberry's religion is tested when he decides to help Jim escape from slavery for good. As Jim and Huck travel down the Mississippi, Huck, at first, does not think much of the fact that he is helping Jim <...>
  73. Learning the importance of responsibility
    After a few minutes, I realized that I could request the security personnel to open the door for me. We had a nice chat about the upcoming hurricane and I was very surprised to hear that he still had to work for 12 hours.
  74. Service learning written report
    Section 3 As far as the project of The Zombie Run is totally creative, I often had to invent interesting ways to scare people and decide which locations to choose to make my work interesting and fun. So I tried to organize the atmosphere of cooperation and democracy in our group.
  75. Sleep apnea in children linked to lower i. q. and learning impairments
    Using brain scans on children with and without sleep apnea, researchers found that the cerebellum, hippocampus and frontal cortex of the brain had abnormalities these areas of the brain are associated with memory and learning. This, and other particulars in the study, suggested that " sleep-disordered breathing or sleepiness from other causes could each contribute, independently, to the <...>
  76. Singapore airlines: activity, culture and learning
    The table beneath layouts a large number of components in connection to the double procedure of coordinating components of separation and cost administration in SIA. In addition, legitimate culture is one of the fundamental issues that make accomplishment or frustrations to learning organization.
  77. Good essay about learning outcome assessment ii
    I have learned that since the advent of technology, the changes are affecting all fields including engineering. The experience was one of the best as each member worked cooperatively to the end.
  78. Learning with online classes course work examples
    In the future, this knowledge will give me opportunity to find better job and be successful. Anyway, I think that businesses should not have any restrictions for building, but at the same time, they should be obliged to find solutions of water supply to the areas where are no renewable water resources and peak water can be caused <...>
  79. Free essay on reflections on personal student learning success
    In order to make college fit into my life I used computer research to make my plans, I made a conscious effort to embrace change and I learned how to ask for help. I take advantage of the instructors and I ask for help when I do not understand something.
  80. Internet chatting be an educational platform for learning
    The changes In education does not stop there, more changes are made In the channels that the world has provided for making a man better that Is the Internet. During my use of the chartroom, I remembered I posted, " Hello, I am from Hong Kong and I want to speak to others online, so that I can <...>

💼 Learning Writing Essay Prompts for High School

  1. Learning the language
    The option for training would give the opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with chords, scales, and intervals, as needed. It is both fun and knowledgeable since students are given the chance to answer the training modules at the best of their abilities.
  2. Sample essay on review and application of learning theory
    Positive reinforcements or rewards are the conditions that favor the individual for the occurrence of the behavior. It also resulted to the removal of my acquired or learned behavior of being attentive in class.
  3. What do we learn about the characters in pride and prejudice from their epistolary style?
    Letters are used as a dramatic device to further the plot, link the story and to inform the readers of the character's personalities. Mr Collins is more on the side of being completely ignorant to his actions and we forgive him more as he is thought to be a hopeless character in the novel.
  4. Evaluate how learning strategies have changed and may continue to change in relation to the application of information technology in schools
    The aim seems to be to reduce the whole teaching process to a sort of automatic reaction, to discover some master formula that will not only take the place of competence and resourcefulness in the teacher but that will also create an artificial receptivity in the child. The teachers living and warm presence, and the unfolding of content <...>
  5. Review of peers learning objects
    Some of the bases of this fear identified by the essay include better weapons, formidable bodies and the propensity of the creatures replicating themselves by incarnation. Balsamiq: Rapid Interface Prototyping for Professionals Michael Bruce is the author of this article that expounds on prototyping, its challenges and the advantages of Balsamiq prototyping tool.
  6. Using bacterial foraging optimization approach to optimize the learning of hidden markov model
    The definition of a chemotaxis step to be a tumble followed by a tumble or a tumble followed by a run is as follows: j be the index for the chemotaxis step, k the index for the reproduction step, and l the index of the elimination-dispersal event. The parameters are described in the Table below: Table 1: Description <...>
  7. Why children benefit from language learning argumentative essay examples
    The mechanism in children younger than about 12 years for acquiring language allows them to gain native command of both, and they can learn the second language basically in the same way they learned the first simply by " absorbing" it and not having to go through the tedious rote memorization of grammatical rules and series of repetitive <...>
  8. Psychology of learning
    Point out what the approach of a sociologist who is influenced by the structural-functional approach has in common with the approach of a sociologist influenced by the social-conflict approach. What is the link between the three methodological approaches to sociology and the three theoretical approaches?
  9. Learning goal: understand the opening of the west.
    That settlement and the wild rush of pioneers into the Oklahoma Indian Territory constituted the last chapter of the westward movement. Between the gold rush and the Civil War, Americans in growing numbers filled the Mississippi River valley, Texas, the southwest territories, and the new states of Kansas and Nebraska.
  10. Introduction to research methods and blended learning
    In the article he discussed the benefits and restrictions of blended acquisition in establishments of higher instruction from the position of those who had experience with this method of acquisition. Blended acquisition could besides be defined as the merger of traditional face to face and on-line larning strategies to maximise the effectivity of preparation plans.
  11. The skills required for collaborative learning nursing essay
    The reflection cycle according to the Marks-Maran & Rose includes; the incident of what actually happened, the thoughts and feelings arising from the incident, what was learned, how it will influence future action and related theory of the incident in the light of current knowledge. In regards to my previous group discussion, I personally feel that some of <...>
  12. Three strategies to meet learning needs of today's online learners
    Undoubtedly, the effectiveness of e-learning mainly lies with the appropriateness of the learning strategies intended for the needs of today's online learner and for the goals of the organization concerned. This also involves the quality of the design, operational feasibility of the system, and finally the range of learners' autonomy in the whole learning procedure.
  13. Reflective learning journal
    In addition to that, he discussed the critical pedagogy at his faculty meeting and they might use it as well. Another thing I discussed with my brother was developing a clear Syllabus and giving it to the student in the beginning of the semester.
  14. Teaching/ learning process
    At the start of the program, needs assessment can be used to decide the course content, while during the program; it assures the program goals and learners goals are being achieved, and permits any necessary changes in the program. At the end of the program, needs assessment may be used for setting up future directions for the program <...>
  15. The case of online learning
    The public school system is also built upon the notion that there is direct interaction between and among the teacher and the students for the impartation and facilitation of learning. Yet, the emotions of students are also engaged in the process of learning online.
  16. Learning team charter team “b”
    Due dates are generally Mondays, and if parts are not completed and we are not able to get in contact with that individual then the team leader will appoint backups to accomplish the task needed KATRINA- To have each members work for the team submitted in enough time to allow for editing and final revisions to be made. <...>
  17. Lifelong learning
    One of the main strengths is that with these assessments the teacher can create lessons that are tailored to the needs of the student. The ultimate goal is to provide these students with a meaningful and productive education that they will be able to use throughout life.
  18. Internal refusal: want to telecommute? learn to communicate essay sample
    Like many forward-looking employers, Northrop Grumman Corporation, a leading aerospace and defense technology company, is encouraging workers to consider telecommuting. Pamela has been a diligent worker, but after only a year and a half at Northrop Grumman, she does not have the seniority needed for a successful application.
  19. Self assessment-reflection on my learning style report examples
    The weakness that I have with this particular learning style is that I tend to get agitated every time things do not work out as I wanted them to and would spend a lot of time to make unveil certain patterns or solving some problem irrespective of how worn out I might be at that particular moment. The <...>
  20. Free research paper on the left brain versus the right brain: how does this impact learning
    The scientific characteristics normally used to describe the functions of the sides of the brain are useful in consideration of learning and learning styles. It is necessary to learn which side of the brain one is apt to use in order to make learning efficient and in less effortless.
  21. Informative essay on planning and enabling learning
    I will look at how and why each of these areas are important to teaching and how I can gain a better understanding of them in order to enable my learners to learn. When considering what resources to use I think it helps to know my own learning styles and that of my learners.
  22. Transfer of learning
    In add-on, for bettering instruction non merely this transportation of larning construct is of importance but besides the development of the teaching staff is indispensable The subject of this survey is to look into if instructors within the module of wellness medical specialty and life scientific disciplines of the University of Maastricht besides are cognizant of this " <...>
  23. Personal reflection on learning and communicating online course
    In this personal reflection I will discuss the extent in which my knowledge of the online environment has grown, and the factors in which have contributed to the development of my unit and course goals. At the beginning of this unit I was unsure of what skills I would need to succeed in my course and was unfamiliar <...>
  24. Addressing barriers to learning and  closing
    We also need information on the classroom processes on teaching that are contributing to the scores.unfortunately, many olicymakers have ignored this fact, making decisions about the future ofeducationwithout even the most rudimentary information about what is happening In classrooms. Some believed that the Frameworks were not working and should tOf2 the discussion was a key fact: the state <...>
  25. Learning journal - leadership and power book review
    Now I understand that the panacea lies in the ability to influence and persuade fellow employees to view a new issue from one's point of view. I plan to study, internalize and objectify the vision and values of my organization.
  26. Free reflective learning research paper sample
    According to it, the reflective learning process is necessary for both the students and the staff. The development of the reflective learning system is the primary responsibility of the teachers.
  27. Essay on learning reflection
    Through the learning process, I have gained exposure to some of the issues that I never thought could be of much interest to me. Anecdotal skills were developed during the course, such that now I can comfortably report on an event so well to make the reader or the audience feel as if they are in the real <...>
  28. Free critical thinking on play as an integral part of early learning
    The intent of this paper is to provide evidence on the importance of play in the early learning process of small children. Thirdly, play is important in the early learning ages of children as it enables them to gain the capacity to teach others.
  29. Good example of theories on adult learning and development essay
    The paper seeks to explain what takes place during the adult learning and also what takes place during adult development, to achieve the mentioned aim; the paper uses various theories of adult learning and theories of adult development. The mentioned features depict adult development as the readied stage to acquire knowledge and skills in the adult learning.
  30. Example of article review on the results of the study is a collection of methods to improve skill learning these
    However, the points given by the authors are meant to be appropriate for all of the sports. The design of the study is based on hypothesis given by the authors.
  31. Research learning journal. research paper
    The effects of a change in the independent variable are observable in the dependent variable. The queries that I still have on this issue are; in an experimental study, is it possible to have more than one independent variable?
  32. The left brain vs the right brain how does it impact learning research paper example
    Hence, the dominance of either part of the brain, left or right, can distinctly affect the personality of a person. Learning style of a person is also determined by the dominance of left- or right-brain.
  33. Areas of learning and development essay sample
    They must be provided with opportunity and encouragement to use their skills in a range of situations and for a range of purposes, and be supported in developing the confidence and disposition to do so. Physical Development The physical development of babies and young children must be encouraged through the provision of opportunities for them to be active <...>
  34. Comparing stastical and machine learning classifiers: alternatives for predictive report examples
    The dependent variables are used to form an equation in the form of independent variables. It is responsible for the design of most of the systems that are used in the world.
  35. Outdoor learning essay
    In my essay I am going to explore the ways that this can be achieved and the benefits it will have on children, teachers and schools. I feel that this method could be very effective among children as it is a way of using " integrated learning" in lessons but also entertaining for the pupils thus enabling them <...>
  36. Learning theories in practice essay
    The scaffolding technique involves offering the learner support before withdrawing it gradually in order to allow the learner to implement the concept on their own. Based on the issues that Tim has in reference to failing Mathematics, it is evident that he is at the advanced beginner stage of learning.
  37. Learning to go to school in japan essay
    The book is majorly focused on the relationship of structure of the education system followed by the Japanese and the moral values instilled in the structure aimed at defining primarily the training of children in a group life perception. In this book, Lois Peak step by step, tries to prove the objectives of learning in a group environ <...>
  38. Comparison and learning new
    The focal point of both The Awakening and Desiree's Baby is on the female lead characters Edna Pontellier for the previous, and Desiree for the last mentioned, who are on the double solid yet defenseless and in quest for acknowledgment and satisfaction. As far as plot, both The Awakening and Desiree's Baby piece of information the pursuers in <...>
  39. Free learning to read essay sample
    In this paper, I reflect on my education by reviewing and comparing it to Malcolm X's education as it is portrayed in the excerpt " Learning to Read" from his seminal work The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Even though I have maintained a balance between formal and informal education, it is formal education that has defined most of <...>
  40. Babylon revisited and learning from the past 
    His mistakes have given him the opportunity to learn from his experiences and become the better person he is. Charlie has clearly realized the error's he previously made, and because of that, he has been able to turn his life around in a direction that is not like the irresponsible one he had before.

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