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  1. Public health recomendations analysis
    The objectives of this study were to report on the prevalence of healthy lifestyle characteristics and to generate a single indicator of a healthy lifestyle. The 4 HLCs were summed to create a healthy lifestyle index, and the pattern of following all 4 HLCs was defined as a single healthy lifestyle indicator.
  2. Argumentative essay on home school vs public school: socialization
    There is however a question as to exactly how the homeschooling system affects the personality of the associated children. In the 1960s, however, the concept of homeschooling started getting critical acclaim as one of the only avenues to combat the nature of the formal schooling system that was viewed as being rather secular.
  3. Comparative study on consumer behavior in a mall/public essay sample
    Chapter II Purpose of the Study The main purpose of this paper is to study and analyze the behavior of a consumer in these two kinds of market. Chapter IV Findings After a couple of hours of observation, the researcher has come up with the following: Mall The reason why most consumers buy in a mall or supermarket <...>
  4. Making public transport free
    It is probable that this level of congestion would be reduced by making public transport free. My conclusion is then that there are more advantages than disadvantages to free public transport, but this policy may be financially impossible to implement.
  5. Advantages of using public transport
    2) to find how does effect on the society and how to solve the problem School: Al-shoala private school Name: mohammed Nasser al-atta Class: 10-M The main ideas: - types of public transport - saves fuel - saves money - good for environment Types of public transport: there are too many types of public transportations that can be <...>
  6. 4 day public school week essay sample
    The two articles assigned address the controversial topic of schools converting to a four-day school week. I understand that by eliminating Fridays from the normal school week costs are cut significantly, but I feel that the majority of staff and students will not use this day off to focus on studies or extracurricular activities in their schools.
  7. Are commercial current affairs programs ‘dumbing down’ public discourse in australia?
    The power and influence that television exerts over our lives as Errington and Miragliotta argue is due to its ' ubiquity, the limited obstacles to access and usage, the high level of intimacy with the viewer and its large scale reach' rendering it ' one of the most powerful media'. Nguyen defines the phrase ' dumbing down' as <...>
  8. Black men and public space summary
    The shocking thing in the story revealed he did not even grow up a violent person in the story he even stated that " He is scarcely able to take a knife to a raw chicken, let alone a person throat. In the story, the author gives the reader many accounts to which he was a victim of <...>
  9. Black men & public space
    Tired and concern about the time I was walking fast to the bus stop in one of the most impoverished areas of the town. My heart started to beat faster and faster as I was walking towards him and my hands were suddenly sweating, I tried to focus myself on the light at the end of the street <...>
  10. Childhood obesity: a global public health crisis
    Childhood obesity is defined as a BMI at or above 95th percentile for children of same age and sex.[4] Classifications of obesity in children depend upon the body composition of the child, as it varies with respect to age and sex of the child.[4] MAGNITUDE OF THE PROBLEM The prevalence of childhood obesity is increasing in developed and <...>
  11. Public health strategies
    Monitoring the health status of the population Explanation: monitoring the health status of a population helps to discover emerging forms of illness and disease and provides information to inform policy and planning of health services. Identifying the health needs of the population Explanation, finding the health needs of population and discuss how to discover it.
  12. Essay on decision making in the public arena class - (taking side discussion groups)
    According to most people and expert, global warming will be the end of the world, as we know it, unless something is done about it. The fact of the matter is a few people want to use the fear brought about by global warming to win their way to the political realm.
  13. The united states supreme court and public opinion
    It is unique because, unlike the individuals serving in the executive and the legislative branches of government, the nine justices serving at the highest level of the United States Supreme Court are insulated in significant ways from the public they are sworn to serve. In order to support the argument that majoritarian framework is the preferable model, this <...>
  14. Term paper on ddbl mobile banking. chittagong cantonment public college.
    0 Introduction Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited has for the first time introduced its mobile banking service expanding the banking service from cities to remote areas." Mobile banking is an alternative to the traditional banking through which banking service can be reached at the doorsteps of the deprived section of the society," - 1. 2 Vision: The vision of the <...>
  15. Social media's role in food safety and public information
    Social media represents an opportunity for the Food Industry to enter the conversation surrounding food safety and engage, educate, and interact with the consumer. Social Media gives the food industry a platform to educate and engage with the public in a casual and accessible forum.
  16. Public policy making in zimbabwe
    Once known as the bread basket of Africa, Zimbabwe has the ability to rise up again especially with the internationally accepted new government of Unity were the two major political parties, ZANU PF and MDC have come together to work as one for the betterment of the country and to fulfil the needs of the people. The reasons <...>
  17. Physical preparation, health and lifestyle for the public services essay sample
    My recommendations for improvement would be that everyone who want to join the army and be successful in Jerry Can Carry test, should practice every day in their own time. My recommendations for improvement would be that everyone who want to join the army and be successful in running test, should practice every day in their own time.
  18. Initial public offering essay
    Body Based on the research I have conducted concerning the use of both the traditional and the online auction PIP processes and given Avgas global online audience and its untraditional business model I would highly commend that the executives at AVGAS use a traditional PIP to bring their stock public and will list the reasons for my decision <...>
  19. Microeconomics: questions on public sector
    The idea of the transfer payments is to take some of the income away from those who have too much and give it to those whom the market has left with too little.3.) If smoking generates external costs, why should not smoking simply be outlawed? The cost of pollution is not reflected in the price of electricity, the <...>
  20. Economic growth and public policy
    Trade-off: The opportunity cost of investment is that someone must forgo current: consumption in order to save and invest sumption Note that: because of diminishing returns, an increase in the saving rate leads to higher growth of productivity and income only for a while. In the long run, higher saving rate leads to a, higher level of productivity <...>
  21. Public policy formulation
    Assessing rationality in decision-making and policy formulation requires acknowledging the ideas in the chapter, " Understanding Behavior: Rational Man and Woman" in the book, Introduction to Public Policy by Charles Wheelan and the article, " Effective Choice in the Prisoner's Dilemma" by Robert Axelrod. This depicts the relevance of information to public policy information based on understanding human <...>
  22. The public opinion on changing the date of australia day
    The paramount reason that people in our society do not want the date of Australia Day changes is due to the fact that people want to salute their nation, from reading many online articles and newspaper articles now that I know the reasons why some people are opposed to Changing the date of Australia Day, this argument has <...>
  23. American public university system criminology essay
    Charles Town, West VirginiaWAR ON DRUGS: LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA AND THE EFFECT ON SOCIETY AND THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEMA thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree ofOF ARTSInCRIMINAL JUSTICEByVasty Sanchez-NelsonJanuary 20, 2013The author hereby grants the American Public University System the right to display these contents for educational purposes. ABSTRACT OF THE THESISWAR ON <...>
  24. Relationship between ethics & public administration: competing ethical obligations essay
    Ethics in the public sector is usually the moral justification for the various decisions that lead to the actions made in the daily completion of duties performed, when working in the government and nonprofit organizations. The list is not fixed and it is subject to changes in the order of arrangements, inclusions and removals as the degrees of <...>
  25. Essay on the politics of public budgets
    The case is relevant in the sense that, it helps the students to understand what political budget appertains as well as the process and purpose of budgeting. In addition, the case provides the importance of ensuring that the available revenues meet the expenditure to avoid project failure.2.
  26. Emerging trends in public budgeting essay sample
    Study by International community has shown that over the last 25 years women have been neglected in the running of affairs in many nations, that is why it took the initiative to encourage nations to include women in their public budget so as to promote economic growth, social development, women empowerment as well as equitable allocation of resources <...>
  27. Social indignation and public condemnation research paper example
    This paper attempts to dissect the theme of " social indignation and public condemnation" which is the root of evilness found at the core of human existence" in Hawthorne's three significant works which include " The Birthmark", " Young Goodman Brown", and " Ethan Brand". In the story Hawthorne tried to capitalize on what one's inability for contentment <...>
  28. Speech pro-life for public speaking
    Today, I am going to outline for you why I believe abortions should not continue to be legal in the United States and explain the responsible choices women can make, even in the midst of an unwanted pregnancy, that do not involve the termination of our future. The other 93% of these procedures are due to social issues, <...>
  29. Essay on social sciences for public health
    The relationship between McDonald and the hospital perfectly outlined the suitability of the restaurant to be located to in the hospital in relation to the argument in the place - in- the world whereas in the concept of ethical landscape less support was in place and at the same time they benefit from it being located inside the <...>
  30. Essay on proseminar in public law
    Lawmakers have just the same furthered, the ' monstrosity' by fighting for, and passing the of the Communication Decency act that allows the providers of the internet services to allow all sorts of unregulated activity without being held liable or responsible for it, all in the mighty name of acquiring ' freedom of speech'. The purposes of protecting <...>
  31. Discipline in the public school
    Because it was a school sponsored activity, the Supreme Court said school officials had the right to punish the risque content of his speech. The only school resource which Justin even arguably involved in creating the web parody was a photograph available to the public on the school's website which the student cut and pasted into his website.
  32. Impact of private health care (mental)on public health care and social policy essay samples
    I will engage them in research on the impact of private health care on public health care and social policy. The project will use Mixed methods of research, which will be used to probe through the multiplex functions in our health care systems.
  33. Can public knowledge contribute to scientific understaning
    They claim it is the first ever official definition published: " Science is the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence - The science council The definitions of " science and " scientific knowledge as based on empirical evidence have important implications for public understanding <...>
  34. My motivation to attain master of public policy
    Conventionally, my future was to acquire basic education and I had to put myself in learning house chores and finally at the age of late teen, I had to marry someone of my parents' choice. Therefore, I want to take a momentous leap to make a difference to my country by playing a role in public policy formation <...>
  35. Bioterrorism: biological warfare and public health nursing
    Some people would actually take the agent and put it in boxes, envelopes, etc.and send it in the mail to affect others with the disease. Healthcare workers can review disaster plans in the workplace, be available as a first responder, review the evacuation plan, and help others to deal with the events that are taking place.
  36. Public fear of terrorism
    Of late there are clear indications of general fear in the public to the extent that, whatever the media reports, is seen as a representation of the real situation on the ground. Taking the example of international media houses, which broadcast, to the whole world, they are in the first place not bound by the American laws nor <...>
  37. Breastfeeding: benefits, risks of not breastfeeding, breastfeeding in public
    There are many evidences to support the value of human milk and breastfeeding in improving the health of infants and mothers. Breast feeding also offers health benefits to the mothers and have a reduced risk of breast and ovarian cancer.
  38. Good essay about private vs. public prisons
    Having government owned facilities or prisons are of great benefit to the government because they are used for the benefit of the public; to help them take away people criminals way from the community. Public prisons compared to the private prisons is weak in the sense of the provisions and the facilities that they provide to the inmates.
  39. Good thesis on succession planning and public agencies
    The greater part of library agencies in the entire county have been used to the same approach of promoting the next in command whenever a vacancy occurs, and that is no different from the health agencies. The challenge is therefore in this diversity where the right person for leadership succession can happen to be in the unfavorable side <...>
  40. Immigration reform in regards to public policy and the political process essay sample
    Implications of 9/11 Terrorism on Immigration Policy The 9/11 Commission was set up and mandated to look into the causes of the terrorism and recommend various reforms changes in the Immigration policy. History of Migration and Immigration Laws in the United States.

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  1. The magna carta for philippine public school teachers
    It is hereby declared to be the policy of this Act to promote and improve the social and economic status of public school teachers, their living and working conditions, their terms of employment and career prospects in order that they may compare favorably with existing opportunities in other walks of life, attract and retain in the teaching profession <...>
  2. Women safety in urban public spaces
    Carina Listerborn in Women 's Fear & A; Space Configurations justly inquiries " how democratic and justified is it to experience insecure in a infinite which is an of import facet of quality of societal life? " In this context, there is a demand to cognize about the significance of a public infinite in an urban context. The <...>
  3. Security in public schools thesis
    Security among public schools has been in the limelight for the past years and triggered growing concern of the safety of students at school. Jennings and company on the effect of law enforcement officers with regards to the security measures and incidence of school crimes, they found out that there is significant effect of the number of local <...>
  4. Example of critical thinking on policing of marginal youth groups in public places
    The police and private security guards are meant to provide security to the community and identify and protect the rights of these marginalized youth groups. Cases of such youths have led to the blanket condemnation of youths and they are restricted and prevented from expressing themselves on the streets.
  5. The influence of public health and safety matters on the invention of the city
    One of the really first and obvious that come to mind are rigorous British fire ordinances, clearly and justly linked by most to the Great Fire of London. It was written by local authorities of London and was to be obeyed merely during reconstructing of the metropolis.
  6. Public policing vs private security comparison
    The differences in public policing and private security would include the duties of the job. Some of the similarities of private security and public policing would be that they both hire men and women and both organizations are required to wear uniforms.
  7. Major public policies research paper examples
    The government comes up with the public health bills which are then debated upon by the members of the Senate and the Congress. The two bodies involved in this process perform contrasting roles in the formulation and achievement of the Public health policy.- The Social security policy has undergone several reforms that have shaped its operations.
  8. The state of public information security in developing countries case study sample
    An overview of the challenges faced in Zanzibar as well as in one other exemplar " developing country" as regards the evolution, and adoption of IT/Corporate Governance standards in the public sector Whilst most developing countries are faced with similar challenges when it comes to the establishment of public information security, most have realized the significance of coming <...>
  9. Research paper on approaches to cyber security programs and public awareness and education of cyber
    An analysis of the assets and systems that are involved is equally crucial in the determination and mitigation of possible risks. This is because the answer identifies a specific effort in the education and awareness of the public.
  10. Free how to secure information in public entities research proposal sample
    INTRODUCTION It is evident from the history of data breaches that there is an increase in the posting of sensitive information publicly on websites of federal, state and city governments. Therefore, understanding the importance attached to such information will help a lot especially in collecting the right data, analysis of the data and in designing of the most <...>
  11. Essay on black men and public space
    In " Black Men and Public Space", Brent Staplesbegins by coming to the realization of the way he would be viewed for the rest of his life. As a result of his dangerous association the author realizes that it's unsafe to be outside too.
  12. Public space planning
    In addition to understanding the role of public spaces in cities today, the means of public space creation, the underlying interests, processes, and motivations involved with their construction, must also be scrutinized and better understood in order to come to a full understanding of how public spaces achieve their desiredgoals. In choosing these disparate cases, I was able <...>
  13. Public safety
    This was in action to decipher the extent of the threat or imminent threats they faced, how they felt about it, how they would prevent or defend themselves when in such unfortunate situations and the recommendations that they would have to the public safety department in a bid to lower the risks of being attacked. There was a <...>
  14. Good example of public opinion essay
    The particular chapter is a revelation to the society regarding the liberalization of leadership and democracy in government structures of 21st century. The chapter gives insights to readers on the importance of incorporating public opinion as a way of enhancing a collective responsibility in democracy.
  15. Principles of public speaking critical thinking examples
    A successful speech is determined by the subject of the topic and the opinions of the audience, the speaker's qualifications and the occasion. The speaker must consider the description of the audience in general terms.
  16. Public opinion critical thinking samples
    Public opinion polls are one of the prominent ways that are used to capture the possible outcome of a democratic election because it gives citizens a chance to provide their responses to certain questions and opinions. Democracy enables the people to keep the government in check because it gives the people a voice when it comes to select <...>
  17. Sample essay on web based communication, public attitudes and policy making
    Primarily, the susceptibility of a policy depended upon the mixed reactions and attitudes de eloped from online communication. The Role of Internet Intermediaries in Advancing Public Policy Objectives.
  18. Strengths and weaknesses of public opinion polls essays example
    Among the strengths of public polls include the fact that the polls advance the knowledge of the people regarding public opinion. Polls that are commercial in nature satisfy the interest of the public about trends and the preferences of most people.
  19. Public affairs: the military and the media
    Public Affairs: the Military and the Media " The media have always played a powerful role in politics," says Hart." Even before radio, we had the penny press. One of the most potent tool that the media utilizes in the modern society is the internet.
  20. Public administration
    A perfect example is the problem of health care in the US. The Affordable Care Act/ Obama Care is an example of public health policy that was recently implemented in the US.
  21. Development public expenditures & urban services delivery
    Developmental public expenditures refer to expenditure incurred by the government to enhance the growth of the economy of its country according to Shantayanan et al. This expenditure incurred by the government increases capacity of production and in the long run acts source of income to the government.
  22. The chapter how private interested take over public space
    Incorporating into their own communities to create private-public spaces that are only available to a select population, for instance, of a newly incorporated sub development. The process of trying to create public infrastructure available for all, including public spaces began in the 19th century.
  23. Public administration-politics dichotomy
    Public Administration/Politics Dichotomy Introduction The relationship between public administration and politics has beenone of the great issues in public administration. According to, the dichotomy between public administration and politics mean that public administrators be politically neutral.
  24. Management or public relations
    The true application of public relations as self-conscious managing art and occupation was through the 20th-century ideas of Bernays aimed at influencing the opinion of the public on commodities through the use of psychology. Today, public relations practitioners seek to achieve an essential moment that representatively engraves in the mind of the public.
  25. Public awareness, response and recovery
    The GIS is enabled to meet the most basic of the information needs to the most advanced as the complexity of the situation increases. The downside of this response plan is the lack of knowledge of the existence of this framework to all these structures mentioned above such as the households and communities or what their roles and <...>
  26. Her for it was a public affair.
    The confined woman's wails and her baby's cry were silenced as they feel to their knees in front of the queenly figure. The spell upon her dropped and she broke down in weeping.
  27. A critical appraisal of emirates airlines public relations marketing essay
    Through this ceremony, the media relations of the Emirates Airlines have received the global reach through interviews with the higher authorities of the company and the key aviation writers who have experienced the product and services of such new and innovative aircraft. Besides the main news of the company, the global media relations also provides the media coverage <...>
  28. Public internet implementation
    Self-generating income should be the main source of funding for the free Wi-Fi project, however, there should also be support from the government especially during the initial stages before the profits and revenue of the business projects can be realised. Since most of the nation's tax returns to the state government, it is proper for the government to <...>
  29. Public enemy essay sample
    Public Enemy used their talent to act as a voice for the black community. Public Enemy: Power to the People and the Beats.
  30. Free essay about community expectations for public officials
    An example of such a scenario is the arbitrary stopping and frisking of individuals by Police in their efforts to apprehend criminals and prevent crime. The rights of the community in such a scenario are violated and coincide with law enforcement duties.
  31. Example of research paper on public administration
    As it stands, the some of the important stakeholders include the property owners, the City Council, advertising merchants and the community. It should be noted that the solution should be in the overall interest of the society.
  32. Public policy and the presidency essay sample
    Some of these changes have involved the ways in which the president uses the influence of the executive branch on judicial nominations, the way in which the role of the commander-in-chief is used, and the manner in which the president is involved in the war powers since 1973. Since the judges usually serve terms on the bench that <...>
  33. Public debate about gun control essay sample
    One of the popular arguments that is raised on gun control is the fact that guns are used to protect the president, Congress members, and bank guards, whereas the law prevents commoners from using the gun to protect themselves. Moreover, when the ownership of a gun is legalized, then it means that the probability of a gun falling <...>
  34. Legal authority during public health disaster: case study discussion questions answered case studies examples
    At the outset it is important to present a brief overview of the definition of law, in matters of public health authorizations and preparedness. But as Kamoie et al.note, " at the state level, the primary legal authority to respond to emergencies has been the police power," to act as arms of the state to regulate protections for <...>
  35. Public administration article reviews examples
    According to Harry Nyquist, the redundancy is a useless portion of the message that can be deleted for the message without the loss of information. THESIS: The national performance review was designed with the purpose changing the methods and procedures of government that it applies to achieve the results.
  36. Individual rights advocates & public order advocates
    In my opinion, I feel that the public order advocates are more important to the overall well-being of society because I think people should have their rights overlooked when putting safety first. The pedophile might think this is a violation of their individual rights but it's only to protect the public.
  37. Public key infrastructure
    The PKI allows for the integration of the various services connected to the concept of cryptography. The public key that is used in the authentication of the code signature can be traced back to the root Certification Authority.
  38. Public art
    This is a statue of Rosa Parks, and by making her memories be put on a public site, the focus is on extending her work against segregation, social justice and inequalities to the present. In this art, the meaning is extension of the fight for equality and no segregation.
  39. Cost effectiveness on public health intervention biology essay
    The Clinical assessment of RTS, S malaria vaccine in adults started in the United States in 1992, and in Africa in the year 1998. In order to get a better idea of the cost effectiveness of the RTS, S malaria vaccine, we need to have more details about the vaccine which would be available in 2014 from the <...>
  40. Course work on public speaking
    The best thing about her speech was the way that she addressed the audience: the other candidates all stared at their notes and talked into the podium but she looked up, glancing at her notes sparingly, and spoke directly to us all. Instead of using words such as ' quite' and ' probably', she was far more definite <...>
  41. Topic: ghana’s public administration systems.
    Government as made mention of in the definition is the representatives of the state at a particular point in time. The constitution of the fourth republic of Ghana defines the overall structure of the public Administrative systems in Ghana with the following: A president elected for a maximum tenure of two terms of four years per term.
  42. A rundown of medical history in public health care essay
    In America, the Factory Act of 1864 was a revolutionary new law that brought medical care up to the level of the Industrial Revolution. The passing of the Public Health Service Act in 1944 led to the establishing of a public health care system in the United States, as well as the US Department of Health and Human <...>
  43. Public health
    Public Health Introduction According to Bernard, public health is the art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting health and efficiency through organized community effort. Public health has contributed greatly to the improvement in health status and quality of life through; prevention of injuries, protecting against environmental hazards, preventing epidemics and the spread of diseases, promoting <...>
  44. Public health recourses at the county, state and national levels
    To achieve the above goals, the government has set up a cabinet department known as the, The United States Department of Health and Human Services, mandated with the task of protecting the health of the American population and ensuring easy access to essential human services. Initially, the department worked together with the department of education forming the Department <...>
  45. Free essay on reasons for the public to receive and education
    A public education is important for the good and advancement of all the people in the society in which we live. I would like to improve my oral communication, as this is the way in which we most often communicate with each other today.
  46. Good essay on public administration theory
    According to Stillman, communication is an essential part of an efficient business operation and failure to have communication strategies may lead to failure of the business. It is also significant to remember that different cultures may influence the level of communication.
  47. Public staffing systems
    However, the need to address the specific qualifications of the applicant may be the best example on how public and private offices differ in the hiring process. This may include selection criterion that readily matches the qualification of the applicant according to the operations of the company.
  48. Government efforts and public involvement to regulate the internet for fake news
    Based on the premise that Country X regulates the Internet via the Broadcast Regulation as Singapore, there is still a limit to what the government alone can achieve in the face of fake news. Given that information on the Internet travels so quickly, it is imperative that Country X is able to prevent the spread of fake news <...>
  49. Free public health research paper example
    The research questions being asked include: the effects of exposure to violence to human health; the general influences on children welfare and classroom studies, and the co-relation between social status and the presence of enhanced violence amongst others. Public Health: The Ecological Model on Individual Health The Ecological Model on Individual Health The ecological model, is useful in <...>
  50. Example of essay on public administration theory
    But Wilson has emphasized that the public organizations are not like the private enterprises; the major reason is that they have not the aim of maximizing their profits and achieving their goals. The biggest benefit of the free market and privatization is that it is in the interests of the consumer and also leads to the growth of <...>
  51. Young public leaders struggle in maintaining strict ethical standards because they essays examples
    The paper seeks to describe the importance of standards in monitoring the organization's codes of conduct. The paper enters into murky depths in explaining the development realized in leadership values in the public sector perspective.- NEED TO MAINTAIN ETHICAL STANDARDS ACROSS CORPORATIONS These values proposes a standard code of conduct for the business.
  52. Sample research paper on more or less public investment
    The levels of public investments are of the essence in determining economic growth and development in the country. The levels of public investments play a crucial role in boosting the economic growth and development.
  53. Hiv/aids and public health essay
    The disease is mainly spread through contact in terms of bodily fluids with an infected person or from an infected mother to her child during birth. The main ways of preventing the spread of the disease is to avoid contact in terms of bodily fluids with an infected person.
  54. The issue of racism in just walk on by: a black man in public space
    Staples understands the world that we live in and that we live in a culture that becomes more and more violent and dangerous, but he shows in his writing that he is sad that the people of color, especially men are being judged only based on their appearance. In both of the essays by Coates and Staples show <...>
  55. Free report about public relations in action
    The use of public relations during the discovery of the New World has been documented and according to historical recounts, public relation promotions, often exaggerated, were used to lure people into settling into the newly discovered habitable settlements and to gather funds for the relocation of the new settlers and building the necessary infrastructures and utilities to make <...>
  56. Public private partnerships schemes in india construction essay
    Acknowledging the significance of equal substructure, and the given bottlenecks on public budgets to finance these lifting substructure demands, authoritiess have sought to reassign portion of the load of new substructure investing to private sector. Theoretically for mensurating the public presentation of a PPP squad, individual hiting system can be used which facilitates transparence and consistence in rating.
  57. Tobacco industry and social/public accountability: what, if anything, should be done by whom? essay
    ConclusionOverall, efforts should be made to reduce the sale of tobacco to youngsters and in this manner reduce the access. It is also important to educate and create awareness in the youngsters about the ill-effects of tobacco smoking.
  58. Health into two category to either public
    In the Budget2017, the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has announced that thegovernment had allocated a total of RM 25 billion to Ministry of Health for the use of nation's health expenditure. Plus, government said that they willfocus more on healthcare welfare of the poor people, Total health expenditure is the sum of both publicand private health <...>
  59. Differences between private and public schools
    On the other hand, there is usually some limit related to the number of admissions in private schools. Cost The cost of education is also significantly higher in private schools as compared to that of the public schools.
  60. Privite high school vs public high school
    This paper tends to reflect on this: private high schools are unique in many aspects, but cannot beat public high schools in affordability. Public high schools are cheaper than private high schools, and thus, lots of people get their children admitted in public high schools, resulting in a large number of students in every class.
  61. Billy rose theatre division in the new york public library-creative writing
    Billy Rose Theatre Division in the New York Public Library Billy Rose Theatre Division in the New York Public Library Originally known as William Samuel Rosenberg, Billy Rose was a celebrated writer, producer, director and lyricist based in New York. He was the writer of lyrics of some of the most celebrated songs in the 1920s such as <...>
  62. Having our say and black men and public space (racism)
    The article " Black Man and Public Space" is about the stereotyping of black men and how American white community was scared of black people. The author claims that white people have a misconception about black people which can be related to the experience of black sisters in the novel.
  63. Japanese public schools
    Difference between Japan and American schools The education system of Japan is far much better in comparison with that of United States of America. The number of days that a student in Japan attends to school is much higher in comparison to the number of days that a student in United States attends school.
  64. Vigo county public day sale
    In addition, it is a corporate responsibility event that entails promoting a reading culture for the library and the individual lives. I learnt that a library is an essential property for the society.
  65. Example of law in public policy and administration article review
    Thus, the proposal alone harms the city's budget and is not resolving the problem unless the initiative is supported widely and the problem of obesity is accepted by the public. The lack of the businesses' social responsibility in their efforts to challenge the ban is supporting the need for limiting the market by the regulations from agencies.
  66. Public relations as a scientific discipline essay
    The Innovation of Research in Public Relations Practice. Research in Public Relations: A Review of the Use of Evaluation and Formative Research.
  67. Funding the public sector essay example
    Being a federal government country with a liberal economy, taxes in the USA are imposed by the federal, most state, and local governments; but they are completely separated from each other and each of those has its own authority to charge taxes and to determine the tax rate. Still, the leading role in this complicated process belongs to <...>
  68. Public relations and marketing essay
    On the other hand, the public relations practitioners also strive to reveal the distance that exists between public relations and marketing in the course of their duty discharge. The denial of the secure relationship between public relations and marketing which is a prerequisite in most organizations fail to acknowledge the authenticity of the majority of public relations practice.
  69. Marketing the public libraries
    This helps the organization in analyzing the community, which is the environment, and also helps it know how to advertise their services. The writer goes ahead to explain what is a marketing plan and how it is created.
  70. How does social media help public relation offices to increase awareness of their research proposal examples
    If the primary mode of communication during the era of the old world was through writing letters and sending post cards, which was eventually followed by sending text messages and giving calls, voice mails, and then later on by the processing of electronic mails, one of the latest developments in the field of communications is perhaps the use <...>
  71. Blog post for public relation
    According to Carrie Morgan, " the Internet is a digital haystack; your brand is the needle". In this respect, it is the business of the brand owner to dig into the haystack, get hold of the needle, and place it on the top layer of the haystack, so that it would be easier for the interested parties to <...>
  72. Public opinion
    Public Opinion Public opinion is very important to the success of public relations and success of a PR campaign as one of the frequently set objective of PR campaign is to influence the public. The campaign has caused a huge PR backlash and led to bad publicity of a company.
  73. Upgrading of the public safety system of rosa county
    It is under this premise that the upgrading of the public safety system of Rosa County has been necessitated into such a level that adds a computer-aided dispatch system that allows agencies within the municipal governments to collaborate their efforts in the fight and combat of emergencies and risks among residents. Under this circumstance, the external factors calling <...>
  74. Evaluating public relations campaigns
    Among the output objectives of the campaign were: issuing of a report praising the NIU's response and excellence in crisis communication by the Illinois Governor's Task Force on Campus Security, commissioning of a report on the NIU's incident in which crisis communication is held up as exemplary by the U. As a result, to evaluate the effectiveness of <...>
  75. Public health discussion unit 8
    Registered nurses and pharmacists are the disciplines selected for this paper. Registered nurses are considered the mainstay of hospital-based medical care.
  76. Informative speech: how tones are important in public speaking
    First, audience should be concerned about the importance of tones usage in public speaking because it is the recipient of the tonal characteristics of a message. It is also essential for the audience to be concerned about the importance of tone in public speaking because they are participants in public speaking.
  77. The authors explore the question of bankruptcy in public companies
    The authors explore the question of bankruptcy in public companies, trying to come up with ways of predicting the looming bankruptcy. Pointing to the growing scale of this harmful phenomenon with a greater number of larger companies going bankrupt, Chuvakhin & Gertmenian are trying to present businessmen with a framework for analysing the performance of business companies so <...>
  78. Free research paper on should public servants have the right to strike
    With globalization and liberalization, the constitutions of most countries have recognized the fact that employees have the right to strike. It is therefore logical that public servants should not have the right to strike, given their role, responsibilities and obligations to the public.
  79. Public transportation affects on the economy in terms of employment, wages, and business income in the usa
    Investment in the public transportation sector creates and supports employment in the industry, and also in other related industries. This paper discusses the effects of public transportation services on the economy in terms of employment, wages, and business income in the US.
  80. Seminar unit 5 public health
    Seminar Unit 5 Public Health The essay aims to address a two-fold objective to discuss to study further the treatment on non-communicable diseases; and to explain the different multiple factors addressing the burden of non-communicable diseases. In addition, health teaching, screening and the multiple risk factor reduction are the key approaches and are part of the intervention of <...>

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  1. Qualitative and quantitative research methods: public issue of preventing children fatality essay sample
    It was also clear in the scope of the study in terms of identifying the population, which were the fifty states in the country. Through a pooled time series analysis, the authors hypothesized that the implementation of the laws that mandated the use of child safety seat would reflect significant improvements in the safety of the motor vehicle <...>
  2. Resource plan public service announcement
    According to scientists' studies, the exercise has become a threat even to the remaining population owing to non-selective removal of both the large and small fish from the oceans. Therefore, both the Commercial fishing has significantly contributed to the decline of the sea fish where if the absence of proper and effective measures persist, it will accelerate declining <...>
  3. Public relations
    Forum Post in Public Relations Job hunting is a rigorous process entailing the searching of resources online for the requirements for a resume and a cover letter. A job-hunter then researches the services offered, the requirements for job applications and the geographical location of the organization.
  4. Branding, labeling, and public humiliation
    The Puritan law revolved greatly around religion and it was often that people were punished for some crime against religion." In the early seventeenth century, Boston's Roger Scott was picked up for ' repeated sleeping on the Lord's Day' and sentenced to be severely whipped for ' striking the person who waked him from his godless slumber.' Even <...>
  5. Public interest litigation essay sample
    226 of the Constitution particularly in public interest litigation cases. 226 of the Constitution; and the Court of Magistrate under Sec.
  6. Unit 6 seminar public health
    Public Health Communicable diseases pose a major threat to the population especially those of the young and the old and a range of public health tools are made available to address the burden of communicable diseases, among of which are barrier protections including isolation and quarantine, immunizations, screening and case finding, treatment and contact treatment, and efforts to <...>
  7. Analyze the impact of recession and recovery on a countries public finances
    In reference to recession, fiscal policy is applied when government lowers the people's taxes and in turn increases its spending. Lastly fiscal policy becomes more effective since it gives both the consumers and businesses a chance to participate in economic recovery.
  8. Critical thinking on public and community health
    Perhaps the most prominent organization in the field of public health would be the World Health Organization, who defined health as " a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity". The goal of personal and public or community health is basically the same: to prolong life, prevent diseases, <...>
  9. Museum public program plan essay example
    The visiting group will be required to contact the museum booking officer through their teacher or supervisor in order to make all the necessary arrangements, and also have a chance of examining the specimen and familiarizing with the museum staff who will be responsible for guiding the group during their visit. The students will be expected to engage <...>
  10. Critically appraises the concept of the public sphere in the context of contemporary digital media
    Critically appraises the concept of the public sphere in the context of contemporary Jorgen Habermas defines public sphere as made of private people gathered together in a public and articulating the needs of the society to the state. The opinion generated from the public sphere can be channelized to the ruling government to act appropriate in regard to <...>
  11. Marine biodiversity as a part of public goods
    The general worries that scientists and conservationists have on over-fishing and pulverization of habitats are set apart in many parts of the biosphere and the result is that they have harmed the marine environment irreversibly. This is due to the fact that the exact value and benefit of one fish caught by a fisherman cannot be enjoyed by <...>
  12. Public and private goods
    One of the major categories of commodities is the public and private goods. The demand and supply of the good is the same to all consumers.
  13. Free article review on classics of public administration
    The responsibility for the effect of this decision made is the responsibility of the people making that call. I understand that the commitment to civic engagement lies on the bedrock of engaging the public and building sustaining relationship with the members of the community on matters that are pertinent to the locals.
  14. Performance management of public sector
    The concept of performance management has come a very long way from just measuring the past performance of the employees to a more novel and practical approach of improving the potential output and future performance of employees and groups by integrating the management mechanisms into the planed, predetermined evaluation exercise. Institutional Theory proposed by Meyer and Rowan, Institutional <...>
  15. Knowledge management in public sector organizations
    Peter Drucker said," The Purpose of management is the productivity of knowledge" There are various definitions of knowledge management, however to put it simple it is the management process within the organization that deals with the collection, organization and sharing of knowledge in the enterprise which is then integrated, evaluated and developed and distributed to all the other <...>
  16. Public administration essay examples
    The trap for rehashing the general population segment is to gauge things which you need to expand: for the employment position organization, measure the yield of the quantity of individuals put in employments, or measure the conclusion of the quantity of individuals who keep their occupations for a year. Government exists for the reason that there is a <...>
  17. Implementation and analysis of public policy essay examples
    Deliberating the prominence and the process of political management as it relates to the successful implementation of public policy deals in the regard of a bevy of agendas that of which depicts city area within Oakland, California, through the pecuniary expansion government. In definition, Mark Moore's strategic triangle, and the functions of strategic management in the public sector <...>
  18. Free essay on public health leadership
    At the state level, another technique applied in the organisation of the structures is the centralisation and the decentralisation. Local Health Department is the head of health matters in the area at the local level.
  19. Free essay on public administration
    According to Wilson, the success of public organizations has to do with the correct identification of the most essential tasks within the organizations, distribution of authority to appropriately work with them, imparting the assistants with a sense of responsibility, and ultimately according the necessary autonomy to the subordinates to enable them carry out their tasks. These principles are: <...>
  20. Example of government public health agencies literature review
    S Food and Drug Administration, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Institute of Health and many other governmental agencies and organization. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is the main governmental agency that is tasked with the protection of public health and safety.
  21. New public management vs traditional public management
    Thus management is concerned with making sure that policies are in place to ensure that processes are in compliance with government regulations, are fair and equitable, have the public interest at heart, and are transparent to the public. New public management wants government to adopt a more private sector model of management which places an emphasis on satisfying <...>
  22. New public management reform
    This shows how the public managers are able to operate according to the interest of the public, mechanism of accountability and political processes. Political involvement is inevitable and all the managers in the public sector need to accept this as reality.
  23. A study on public key cryptography computer science essay
    It besides provides the confidentiality and intergrity of the message by utilizing public key encoding which encrypts the message utilizing the public key, but it can be decrypted utilizing merely the private key. The two chief parts of the public key cryptanalysis are: Public cardinal encoding: the message which is encrypted by the receipient public key can non <...>
  24. Ethics in public administration
    The objective of this paper is to review the implications of the basic principles of ethics for public administration in the context of new public governance and discuss their impact on different administration imperatives which in turn act as the determinants of ethics in public administration. The purpose of these reforms include reduction of cost relating to the <...>
  25. Case study on san francisco public utilities commission
    Majority of the workers in the SFPUC are baby boomers who are retiring and have been conducting the technical aspects of the organization. Because of the increasing number of retiring baby boomers, the SFPUC needed to ensure that the new workers had the necessary knowledge to run the technical aspects of the company.
  26. Acquiring leadership skills necessary for public administration
    It is for this reason that I have taken my studies seriously so that I can reach to my fellow countrymen and help transform their lives as well as create a better environment for me and those that come after me. Not only that, it equipped me with good interpersonal skills and helped me to integrate with people <...>
  27. Conflict resolution in public sector assignment
    The question to be investigated in the study proposed here will be, does conflict due to the lack of integration of the officer's result to ineffective achievement of the objectives of the federal civil service commission? 7Scope and Limitations of the Study The scope of the study covers the departments including the offices of the commissioners of the <...>
  28. Public relations departments and firms
    The four job levels of a public relations department include research into the field the organization is in; acting on the information acquired from the research; communicating the information to relevant departments, or even dissemination of information to the publics. Hence, its role as a compulsory advisor to the organization is suitable and is in line with the <...>
  29. Sample essay on paradigm of public administration
    Through the succession of the six paradigms, there has been a development in the public administration field. The city managers have also been in a position to follow the fifth paradigm which greatly discusses public administration.
  30. Administrative law: essential for public administrators essay example
    The field of administrative law demands from the public leaders to have the ability, knowledge and skills to apply the law for an efficient decision making process that is called upon to promote the interests of the public and the local affairs of their public office. Public service is the basic core or purpose of public administration and <...>
  31. Good public administration essay example
    Public administration is the implementation of the public policy by the government. The biggest barrier on the oversight of the implementation of public policy is the constitution.
  32. The management accountant in business – tesco public limited company
    The tag line is represented in all the print and TV advertisements of Tesco which represents the value that Tesco offers to its customers against the price that they pay, with the value being more than the price of the products. The management accountants at Tesco are responsible for looking ahead and predicting the future of the business.
  33. Free critical thinking on is it management or is it public relations only your admnistrator knows for sure
    The dooming was just because of a number of accusations he had from others on this campaign. The five greatest gaffes of rick perry's campaign.
  34. The spirit of public administration by h george frederickson
    These parts are: Part I: Governance, Politics, and the Public Part III: Ethics, Citizenship, and Benevolence in Public Administration Frederickson did take the initiative to explain public administration and some of its functions before going in-depth on different facets of the role. To further reiterate the importance of this topic, Frederickson discusses in Chapter 5 the specifics of <...>
  35. Example of methods of public administration article review
    The article discusses about the advantages and disadvantages of using different methods of policy making in Public Administration and tries to find out the best way to help create modifications in policies in accordance with the changing trends". This article is an in depth discussion of the methods that administrators and people dependent on the administrators must follow <...>
  36. Information technology and public administrators
    The government should be above the line in using the best IT services and experts to minimize the chances of being exploited by other experts or ill-motives. In fact, information is transmitted without the conscience of the quality of the message.
  37. Example of essay on public personnel management
    After the classification and evaluation of human resources, the personnel manager determines the human resource requirements with respect to the achievement of the objectives of the organization. At Georgia department of corrections, the human resource management function is one of the subdivisions, which fall under the department of executive operations.
  38. Example of connecting historians with the public essay
    Public historians are revealed to be in the front line of demonstrating the value and ways of applying history in the partnerships. Marianne Babal firmly believed that companies must involve vibrant community of historians who are dedicated to endorsing the utility of history in every public service.
  39. Public limited company essay
    Sainsburys is a plc, a public limited company and has limited liability, which is the idea that the owners are financially only responsible for the amount that they have invested in the company rather than their personal wealth. Sainsbury's have a magazine that is distributed to all members of staff that is issued quarterly and also a quarterly <...>
  40. Earthlink helped bring the web to the public. now it wants to be known for something new.
    If you connected to the internet in the late 1990s to early 2000s, the company may have been your dial-up internet service provider. Many fondly remember the company as one of the first ISPs and a pioneer of bringing consumer internet connectivity into the mainstream.

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