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Assignment 7

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Assignment 7: Article Research Review al Affiliation Assignment 7: Article Research Review Allen-Meares, P., Montgomery, K. L., & Kim, J. S. (2013). School-Based Social Work Interventions: A Cross-National Systematic Review. National Association of Social Workers, 58(3), 253-263
Identify the research question(s)
The research question here is
i. What tier 1(universal) and tier 2 (selective) school-related interventions involve social workers?
ii. What is the effectiveness of social worker interventions with school youths based on effective size estimates?
School-based social work professions have recently gained attention especially viewing it through a three-tiered lens. With this approach, the estimation by researchers is that about 95%-99% of school-aged youths have their treatment needs fulfilled using tier 1 (universal) and tier 2 (selective) interventions. With tier 1 interventions, schools report minimized disciplinary referrals and other classroom-based problems. Conversely, tier 2 intervention focuses on smaller groups with a specified problem or issue whose intervention maybe by a teacher or social worker.
Description of the population studied
The populations studied were school-based social workers in different countries. The researcher gained most knowledge by communicating with social workers on a personal basis. The most interesting aspects of the social workers were their education level and the services they provide. Though the services provided were similar across different nations, the qualifications differed with Canada requiring a masters and United Kingdom requiring no national certification.
Description of the research method or intervention used by the researcher
The researcher used a computerized search through numerous online databases using keyword search (Allen-Meares, Montgomery, & Kim, 2013). The websites utilized included CINHAL, ERIC, PsycINFO, and MEDLINE while the search terms include ‘ school’, and ‘ social work*’ and ‘ effectiveness’ or ‘ outcome’ or ‘ evaluation’. The researcher made use of asterisk to ensure that the search included numerous variations of the term ‘ social work’. However, six inclusion criteria were included to ensure that only research that adequately addressed the research questions were analyzed. In the end, 88 abstracts were accepted as viable but only 18 studies were used for the final sample reviewed.
Explanation of study findings
The purpose of the review was to investigate the treatment impacts of tier 1 and tier 2 school-based social work interventions. The scope of the study was United States and abroad and the results revealed increased administration interventions amongst social workers, hence revealing potential empirical support with different populations and outcomes. While most of the tier 1 interventions inclined towards sexual health and sexual assault prevention outcomes, tier 2 interventions focused on at-risk students and specific populations like parenting adolescents. The study revealed the increased need to have social workers work within evidence-based practice (EBP) outline (Hall, 2008; Spratt, 2011).
Suggestions made by the researcher for future study
Allen-Meares, et al (2013) suggest that additional research is needed to create an understanding of on the extent to which the tier 1 and tier 2 interventions can be transformed across country lines. In addition, the findings of the study can be used to determine the changes should be adopted for promising interventions such that the needs of different nations can be met both culturally and politically.
Critique of the study
With evidence-based practice in school-based social work, there is much promise that combining practice and research reinforces scientific knowledge-base that promotes interventions in social work. However, the study does not reveal the limitations of evidence-based practice in social work nor provide the best strategies of how to disseminate, adopt, or implement evidence-based practice.
Allen-Meares, P., Montgomery, K. L., & Kim, J. S. (2013). School-Based Social Work Interventions: A Cross-National Systematic Review. National Association of Social Workers, 58(3), 253-263.
Hall, R. E. (2008). Evidence-based practice as social work technology. Irish Journal of Applied Social Studies, 8(1), 21-29.
Spratt, T. (2011). Families with multiple problems: Some challenges in identifying and providing services to those experiencing adversities across the life course. Journal of Social Work, 11(4), 343-357.

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