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Chapter ii

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Chapter II Methodology Research Method/Design The researchers will make use of the V — Model methodology approach in the development process of the computer-based instruction system in mathematics of PLT preparatory school. This will guide the researchers achieve their goals towards the said study in informative and user friendly method. Locale/Setting PLT College, Inc. is a non — stock, non — profit educational corporation. The Corporation was formed to be an educational institution of higher learning, administered by its Board of Trustees. As embodied in its “ Articles of Incorporation” and “ By Laws”, the corporate powers of PLT College, Inc. shall be exercised, its business conducted, and its property controlled by the Board of Trustees. The Board shall be composed of five (5) members and a Chairman shall be elected by the members of the corporation from among themselves. The term of office of the board members is 5 years. PLT College, Inc. started as PLT Computer and Technical Services on September 1989. The founder and the first chairman of the Board of Trustees was Engr.  Purisimo L.  Tiam, a visionary man and a computer enthusiast. Mrs. Ma.  Nonette O.  Tiam, his very supportive wife became the first President. Barely 9 months after it was granted by the Department of Education, Culture, and Sports (DECS) permit to operate as a school and was named PLT Computer Technical School,  it offered two year courses, namely, Management Information System Analysis and Design (MISAD) and the Computer Operation Specialist Course (COSC). Gradually, more courses were introduced: two-year Software Development Course (SDC) on June 1991 and two-year Computer Secretarial Course (ECSC) October 1991. The following year, it was granted by the DECS the authority to operate as a College. On October 1991, the college was duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as PLT College, Inc. and was approved on January 27, 1992. Several programs were offered thereafter: Associate in Police Science Course (APSC) from 1994 up to 1998, BS Criminology (1996); BS in Commerce (BSC) in Business Administration (BSBA), BS in Office Administration (BSOA), BS in Business Administration (BSBA), BS in Hotel & Restaurant (BSHRM), BS in Secondary and Elementary (2000), BS in Computer Science (BSCS), BS Nursing (BSN), Graduate in Midwifery, Nursing Attendant and Caregiver Program. PLT College was also deputized as provider of the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (Eteeap) 2003 and was evaluated by the Institutional Monitoring and Evaluation for Quality Assurance (IQuAME) team in 2007 as Category B (Developing Institution). In its desire to cater to foreign students, the school filed an application to the Bureau of Immigration to accept non — immigrant students and the authority to accept foreign students was granted on June 7, 2008. In line with school’s commitment to offer quality education, it’s submitted its programs to voluntary accreditation. The Consultancy visit of the Criminology Program was on September 24 — 25 2008, HRM, and Computer Sciences Programs on March 24 -25, 2009. The Preliminary Visit of the Criminology and HRM was held on was held on September 3 -5, 2009. On October 12, 2009, the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) has endorsed for certification the Criminology and HRM Programs to the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP) for Candidate Status for the period October 2009 — October 2011 for having satisfactorily met the standards and fulfilled all the requirements of the PACUCOA. As a response to the request of parents and the community, a feasibility study for the offering of new courses was conducted. Consequently, the Board of Trustees with the endorsement of the President approved the recommendation to offer the following degree programs effective School Year 2010 -2011;  Bachelor of Science in Biology, Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology, Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Management, Bachelor Science in Midwifery, Bachelor of Science in Tourism, and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with specialization in International Relations. What started as a “ one-started-room-all-in-one” institution of higher learning, PLT College, Inc. has now developed to be one of the well-equipped schools in Region 02. At present, it has a four storey Annex building which houses its modern equipment and facilities like the Chemistry and Crime Laboratories, Internet Room, Library and Administration office. The Gymnasium, Hotel and Restaurant, Commerce, Secretarial, Education, Arts and Sciences Offices, Offices of the Vice Presidents for Administration Office, Finance, and Academic Affairs, Guidance Office, Registrar and Accounting are located in the main Building. Recently, the College of Nursing building is added. To date, PLT College, Inc. is the only school in Nueva Vizcaya and one of the two (2) schools in the region to have an Accredited Tertiary Base Hospital — the PLT College Luis A.  Tiam Medical Center located in Bascaran Solano, Nueva Vizcaya. PLT College, Inc. as an institution of learning is directed to provide quality education aimed towards the service and growth of humanity in a progressing society with a commitment to and concern for academic excellence. To justify its claim in this noble task of nation building, it seeks to establish an effective system of education need by the people within their own socio-cultural background and environments. Sources of Data This study will be utilized by the preparatory school teachers of PLT institution that would serve as enhance instructional learning process. Research Instruments The research study is made use of descriptive —survey research design through the implementation of interviews and observations to its respondent. To make it reliable of the said study, researchers’ extent its capability in surfing the internet and other references that includes books, journals and thesis. Data Gathering Procedures The researchers make use of the following techniques in order to gather reliable information from its respondent. Interview – An interview is a conversation between two or more people (the interviewer and the interviewee) where questions are asked by the interviewer to obtain information from the interviewee. Observation – The researcher’s monitors how Personnel Officer processes to manage the employee’s information. Treatment of Data This research study is made use of descriptive —survey research design as a tool that will help researchers for their basis in the development of the said study.

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