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Weight loss might just be all in your head! DeAnna Nunezthe Hypno-chick has a busy fall planned with performances and workshops around the country. She will be performing at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds Sept. 1 through September at 8: 00 pm on the International Bazaar Stage. In addition, her Burn Your Fat Pants Workshop will be held at the Minnesota Airport Marriot on September 5 from 6: 00 to 9: 30 pm. From there, DeAnna travels to Oklahoma for performances from September 14-24 at the State Fairgrounds and for another workshop on September 25 at the Marriot in Oklahoma City.

DeAnna is an internationally renowned hypnotist who has been helping people lose weight for thirteen years. She is nationally recognized in for her work in clinical hypnotherapy and weight loss therapy. She is a member of the Clinical Hypnotist Examiners, The National Guild of Hypnotists, and the National Speakers Association. Her HypnoThin Weightloss Workshops include three sessions, two hypnosis CDs, and ongoing post-workshop support.

She combines comedy, creativity, music and motivation in order to inspire her participants to reach their goals. Her clients have found much success in following the advice in her materials and in her stage performances. Her performances are a unique combination of music, dancing, comedy and important information. She has shared the stage with stars such as Tim McGraw, Toby Keith and Martina McBride and brings, in her own words, a positive vibe and rock and roll feel to every show.

She draws on her own experiences in order to produce an original and insightful message to her fans. Her hypnotism is for specific, self-improvement purposes, and is never exploitative or cheesy. DeAnna lives in California with her husband, two sons, and two Rottweilers. She aspires to continue writing and performing motivational acts in order to help others. Anyone can visit her website at www. hypnochick. com or burnyourfatpants. com.

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