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Example of essay on condolence letter

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Business message

Scenario 1: Condolence to the family of an employee who passed away recently
The formal message that is applied while giving consoling is known as the condolence letter. It provides brief information of a deceased person and how he related with others in the workplace (Shelly, Vermaat, & Quasney, 2011). Members of the deceased person’s family are presented a formal letter that proves the company’s position regarding the death of their workmate. Therefore, the contributions that the deceased person had to the company are appreciated.

On behalf of the entire John & Sons Company, we express our heartfelt sorrows for the untimely death of our beloved Mr. Smith.
He made an outstanding contribution in the innovation in the company and dedicated himself in the promotion of company’s values and principles. He has started a number of projects that were successful and helped in solving issues in our institution. He was an extraordinary man and a father, and we sincerely extend our condolence to his family.
John & Sons Company honors his memory through continuing with the projects that were initiated under his tenure. He is missed by all of us.

Manager: Public Relations Department

Scenario 2: Explanation to employees about an increase in bi-weekly health care costs
It communicates the information from the management through the heads of departments to the employees. It is used to communicate the internal issues that relate to the employees. The concerns which are addressed by the internal memo affect the operations and relations of the management and the staff (Lehu, 2007). It is used to update the staff members on the company’s regulations and compliment the improvement done by various departments. Therefore, it conveys the message to all staff members in the company.

Through: Head of Departments

In reference to the subject above, the costs of health care services have increased. It is as a result of increased cost of the drugs and improvement in the services quality. All the staff members seeking the health attention twice or more times per week have to pay more.
The increase in the health care costs would be effective in a month’s time, and all the staff members are requested to comply.

Dr. Smith

Scenario 3: New summer dress code policy
The internal memo for this issue that the director of human resources wants to address shows a formal message conveyance (Shelly, Vermaat, & Quasney, 2011). The staff members are given the direction concerning the dress code that would apply in a specific duration. The need of using the formal internal memo is to update the staff members on the changes that are expected. The descriptions of the dressing code are clearly indicated, and all the staff members are expected to adhere with the policy.

Through: Head of Department

In reference to the subject, all the staff members are supposed to comply with the new policy on summer dressing code. The changes are initiated in accordance with the staff meeting that was held two months ago. The major concern is to change the dress code and be in uniform during the summer.
The men are supposed to wear black suits with white shirts and ladies black skirt suit and white blouse. The staff members are supposed to have their employment identification cards on them.

Dr. James

Director, Human Resource Management
Scenario 4: Billing error made on credit card statements
The email is used to contact the customers who were affected by credit card statements errors. Their email addresses are recovered from the profile details provided during the credit cards application (Ralph & Graham, 2004). The email address is used in contacting the customers and informing them that there were errors on statements that were provided. The corrected statements are then attached in their emails address. The reasons of using the email are convenience and effectiveness in the channel. In addition, it is confidential and less expensive in comparison to other forms such as letters. It is a faster mode of communication.
In reference to the statements that were provided, there were billing errors that were later noticed. As a result, the new statements are attached, and the errors are rectified. The issues that happened were a result of the computer errors and program malfunctions.


The business messages communication channels that are being used in an organization depend with the relationship of recipients and the organization. The channel used depends on the nature of the message and the party being addressed. Some are confidential and hence addressed to a specific individual, but others are directed to a group of people such as employees. Finally, the communication is commonly from the management office to the staff members in lower ranks.


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