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Just to begin with, I would like to bring to your attention that for the purposes of this project, I met one of the senior executive officer who is responsible for marketing for a fast growing frozen yogurt chain with the name Yogurtland. After the executive officer provided us with a brief overview about the company, we were given the responsibility to conduct a comprehensive marketing research after which we were to develop a marketing program from the information obtained after conducting the marketing research.


The following represent the fundamental goals or aim for developing this marketing program.
After thoroughly performing our work which was to conduct a comprehensive and extensive research about the product mentioned and then developing a marketing Program, the program was presented to the CEO ( insert name) and the owner of the company(insert name).

Product description

It is prudent to note that the home of yogurt is one of the leading producers of Frozen Yogurt. Frozen yogurt is a yogurt which is made from some dairy products and. The frozen yogurt varies slightly from too much more tart compared to the ice cream. It is also lower in fat because of the use of milk to make it as opposed to cream. It is also important to note that the frozen Yogurt may or may not necessarily contain live and active bacteria culture. The frozen yogurt was first introduced in New England which is in the north east of U. S. A in the year 1970 as a soft serve dessert by someone by the name Hood under the name Frogurt.
Concerning the company, it is important to note that the yogurt land is dedicated to bring his/her esteemed customers together by providing the most flavourful, natural and fun frozen yogurt as well as promoting a healthy life style.

Target segment

This part of the paper shall describe some of the target market for the product. This section of the paper shall examine the target segment of this product demographically, psycho graphically, behaviourally and then finally geographically.


I would like to bring into your attention that currently, the customer base for Yogurtland primarily consists of women who are aged between 15 and 35. It is also prudent to note that the women in the group mentioned above are income earners of over $45, 000. It is expected that this demographic will remain the primary target of this marketing program. On the other hand, the secondary demographic target is expected to include single men and women who have no children aged between 13-34. This implies that the secondary target market will includes the college students together with the teenagers who have lower discretionary income and who are looking for a place where they can have fun with their friends while enjoying frozen yogurt. This targeted group is expected that they shall visit the company in the evening especially after dinner for refreshment with the frozen yogurt.


In the above pre-defined demographic markets, the author believes that there are two psychographic groups whom may get attracted to the Yogurtland concept. The first group is made up of those consumers who may get interested in an economical, sweet desert or in a conducive environment where they can have a sit and then enjoy with their friends or even the families. The second psychographic groups may entails those individuals who view frozen Yogurt as a healthier alternative compared to the ice cream and the other flattening snacks among others. This group is also made up of those individuals who are suffering from diabetes who have got attracted to the frozen yogurt simply because it is sugar free compared to the other drinks such as the pineapples and ice cream and the rest. This is because the Yogurtland produces a sugar free yogurt which very few competitors currently offer. This implies that for the group especially who take yogurt as a healthier alternative and who believe in sugar free yogurt which is being produced by the Yogurtland, it is just advisable that the company continues to produce sugar free yogurt in order to maintain its customer base.
Research shows that most individual view frozen yogurt as a healthier ice cream compared to the normal ice cream. Therefore, many people especially those suffering from diabetes have become interested in taking the frozen yogurt because they believe that it has very little sugar content compared to the normal ice cream. This therefore implies that, the company has to ensure that it continues to produce 100% frozen yogurt in order to maintain its existing customer as well as attract new customers into the company.


It is prudent to note that as mentioned above, that the target market for the frozen yogurt may be influenced by the behaviour of different people. This behaviour may be influence by different things in an individual for instance, the health status of the individual or simply the natural liking of the yogurt. For instance, those individuals who are suffering from diabetes mellitus love taking frozen yogurt than the other juices such as ice cream or even pineapple juices. This is because they believe that the sugar content in the frozen juice is very little compare to the other form of juices such as the ice cream. Therefore, such people would prefer consuming frozen yogurt. It is therefore important that the company considered the behaviour of such people and ensure that they maintain producing 100% frozen yogurt in order to maintain the existing clients who exhibit such behaviour as well as attract other customers.


Geographically, the products enjoys huge customer base both locally and externally, its many branches that have been opened makes it one of the companies producing frozen yogurt with a wide geographical base.


It is prudent to note that Yogurtland faces stiff competition from the other companies which also produces the frozen yogurt. Some of its primary competitors include Go Bananas, Cherry on Top, Pink Berry, Tutti Fruitti, Nubi Yogurt among others. This implies that for the company to overcome this stiff competition it is facing from the other well established companies which deal with the same line of product, they will have to develop ways through which they can attract more consumers from their competitors as well as create new frozen yogurt consumers who are loyal to their brand.
The Yogurtland also require a focussed marketing program which can promote differentiation. This is therefore what this marketing program will aim to address by ensuring that it promotes the Yogurtland as a unique brand and also as a unique experience for varied consumers.

Swots of the Other Product Compared To My Product.

Strengths (my product)
– Good reputation among the customers
– Lower cost provider
– Loyal core customer base
– Quality and consistency of product
– Product seen as a healthier snack or the dessert choice.
Strengths. (Other products).
– Lower cost
– Product seen as dessert choice.

Weaknesses. (My product)

– Weak marketing strategy.
– Weak brand recognition
– Low customer retention.

Weaknesses (other product).

– Low quality product
– Low customer retention.
– Low ticket prices.

Opportunities (my product).

– Brand partnership.
– Change in the local population
– Shift in consumer taste. For instance, more desire for the frozen yogurt.

Opportunities (the other product).

– Moving into new markets.
– Shift in desire to Frozen yogurt

Threats (my product)

– Direct competition from the other frozen yogurt companies such as the ones mentioned above.
– Potential price wars with the competitors
– Large selection of product

Threats (other products)

– Potential rice war.
– Competition from the other industries such as the Yogurtland.
– Large selection of product.
– Shift in customer to the other industries because of low quality products being offered.

The creative brief.

Marcom agency is an integrated marketing and change management agency which helps to deliver effective solutions to the marketing and the business challenges which your business might encounter across all the media.

The Creative Brief.

The Communications Planner
Media usage pattern of the targeted market.
The Account Planner.
Research about the desirability and use of my product.
In order to determine how desirable my product was, a research was done using 20 respondents who were potential consumers of my product. The main aim of carrying out this research was to determine how frequent and how desirable my product was to my potential buyers.
The respondents were mixed college student and other adults who use this product for different purposes. All the respondents were able to use internet and computers and therefore, the questions were emailed to them. The questionnaire emailed was closed ended and contained the following questions.

About desirability.

– How desirable is this product to you.
– Extremely desirable
– Desirable
– Not desirable

About how frequent they use the product.

– How frequent do you use the product
– Most frequently
– Frequently
– Occasionally

The following represents the percentage in terms of the responses got from the respondents.

About desirability.
About frequency of use.
Strengths (my product)
– Good reputation among the customers
– Loyal core customer base
– Highly desirable

The positioning statement.

The brand identity.
Brand promise,
Yogurtland Promises its funs that its frozen yogurt is the best frozen yogurt of high quality across the globe.
The above brand identity and brand promise may work in the current world because currently people prefer high quality products and therefore promising them that your yogurt is the best quality yogurt in the world will attract many individual to come and test it. If the brand identity has been created, I will use them as they are if it is for the first time it is being used but if not then I will modify them so that they be in line with the current consumer needs.

Brand media strategy

Touch points which can be reached at a reasonable budget include:
– Face book advertising strategy.
– T. V advertising
– Posters advertising.

Face book media.

Face-book: many college students who form a significant number of the individuals who consumes this product frequently visit face-book. This implies that face-book is likely to have great impact on the sales volume of the product because of its capacity to reach large customer base who are the college students.
Traditional (direct sales). Direct sales ensures that the seller get in contact with the consumer. This will enable the consumer to collect feedback from the customer relating to what adjustments ought to be done o the product in order to make it even more appealing to them. It also gives the seller opportunity to convince the buyer to continue buying the product by citing some specific reasons for that.
The big idea.


The Brand Identity for my product.
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