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Free essay about gambits to look out for

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The critical behavior in the tender negotiation process

In discussing this contract with industry members, it is advisable while to possess characters that should send a signal of one who can be trusted and win the GPS Navigation System tender. This is a critical area that shows the capability of the fulfillment of the required conditions if our organization is to be awarded the tender. There are several behaviors that are most important. Professionalism and efficiency will convey information concerning our company in this tender application process . These qualities will show full knowledge in this field. In addition, being efficient will give the government agent, who is the supervisor, courage to believe in our company’s presentation.
Another area that our company must consider is that the conditions should not be complex. They are supposed to be clearly and unambiguously stated. This will help in easing and saving time during the negotiation. The complexity and ambiguity of the stated conditions brings confusion and requires the experts to interpret them. Since this GPS Navigation business has high competition, the government representative will eventually go for the simplified conditions.
Honesty and integrity go hand to hand. These are the additional features that are our company must consider. It’s a fact that if you are honest in what you are to give; when it comes to the actualization of the tender the same will prevail. Integrity proves that the standard of your work and even the history of the tenders that you have ever won were attended well. Therefore, these factors will ensure that we have success in negotiating with industry members since they will be from our history.

Difference of contract and personal negotiation

In the federal government contract, negotiation is subjected to the legislation and regulation from the authorization and regulation process. The regulation starts in the code of federal regulation. This compared to the personal negotiation has great differences in the processes that are followed. In the personal negotiation, law is not much applied even though not it is not to be broken. This serves as the difference between the two types of contract.
In the process of taking the government negotiation, it requires a panel of the law interpreters for a contract. The federal register and receipts of the comments from the public before the issuing of the tender are issued by the federal acquisition regulation. This compared to the personal negotiation the interested parties are not monitored hence it takes its course without being guided. Hence, personal negotiation, when buying a car will take shape depending on how the individual’s approach the situation.
In the case of buying a car or a house, the two parties may wish to have the witnesses or just to have mere written agreements. This is unlike in the federal government due to the processes that are to be met before the final award of the tender. Guidance in administration of contracts for commercial items in some of the areas requires terms and conditions to be verified. In the case of personal negotiation, individuals may seek advice on the way forward from the recognized bodies of the authorities. This ensures the law is not broken, and the form of the contract is friendly to the community. However, government agents base their agreements on written laws.
Ratification of the contracts in both cases of the federal government and the personal contracts are different. In the federal government side, the approval of the contract is done by the authorized panel of individuals and it is done on behalf of the entire nation. This panel represents the citizens of the nation. When it comes to the personal negotiation, the individuals involved are driven to the benefit they are to earn. Therefore, they ratify the contract by themselves.

Skills for successful negotiation with the federal government

Having the required skills for a task helps one to be in a good position for contract negotiation. A compromiser is a person who does not fear to be taken into a task. He is the one who is prepared to be tested. The main objective is to be productive and to maintain the productiveness. They make a compromise first, giving the other person what they want so that they can get to an agreement easily and preserve the relation.
The skill of avoiding conflict is also preferred. The most imaginative thinker takes the contract as win/win game. This is a fair solution of any conflict that may arise and helps the parties to find the way they can increase their scope together. For one to be successful in the negotiation on the contract, he must be a solicitor. This avoids the fear of asking questions. Such an individual tries to enquire what the one issuing the contract needs from him. Then he needs to know the concerns they have on the suggestions made.
Listening skills are vital. They give the involved parties a smooth time to express themselves and what they are expecting. Instead of much argument, they get to the point in turn and later a session of questions and answer in an orderly manner. A negotiator should stick to the principals as they are outlined. Every person is guided on principles that control their behaviors. This portrays that, in case of any unplanned occurrence in the contract to be awarded, negotiators will remain to the set objectives and goals. These help you to pass the assessment with a lot of ease.
Finally, at the closing part, one should ensure that the recap of the points that have been agreed. The individual should follow by getting the confirmation from the entire panel. This makes them gain the confidence on issuing the contract.


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