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Dear Mr. / Mrs. [Name of Instructor]:
In the contemporary world, there have been numerous scenarios and cases concerning fire and safety issues. Lack of effective measures and safety protocols required in preventing as well as dealing with fire outbreak in organizations, workplace, industries, and forests among other areas has been the cause of this predicament. As a result, I would like to conduct a research project that provides a comprehensive insight and knowledge about fire safety issues.
Due to the increase in fire and safety issues reported on national media as well as those occurring in my locality, I would like to base my research on fire safety issues in America. In the research paper, I will argue that the increasing fire outbreak cases in America are as a result of poor or lack of effective measures vital in preventing and dealing with fire outbreak cases. Ultimately, the cases of fire have had a detrimental impact on the safety of individuals and the economic growth of the country. The research paper will incorporate issues like fire prevention, the prevention of rapid spread of fire as well as the provision of resources including fighting equipment in the outbreak of fire. Consequently, I will dwell on the safety of individuals in the case of outbreak. To carry out my research, I will utilize various resources including periodicals, books and the internet as well as case studies relevant to the topic to decipher critical and vital information in relation to current statistics and cause for the predicament.
I am particularly aware that it is unethical to utilize someone else’s work and ideas as my own as this will be an act of plagiarism, therefore, throughout my research on fire safety issues, I will utilize proper APA citation as per the project instructions.
Thank you,
[Your Name]

Work cited
Craighead, Geoff. High-rise Security and Fire Life Safety. Amsterdam: Butterworth-Heinemann/Elsevier, 2009. Internet resource.

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