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Sensory perception

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Sensory Perception             Sensory Perception   Question There are a number of reasons that emphasize if sensory informationis accurate or inaccurate. First, knowledge determines the accuracy or inaccuracy of sensory information. Knowledge entails an individual being familiar with something, event or, another person. An individual’s familiarity on other people, something, or event incorporates skill, descriptions, or facts attained via experience or education. Therefore, sensory information may be presumed to be accurate when individuals only have conversations of things they can perceive. Human beings only perceive what they can see, touch, taste, or believe as accurate and what they cannot see, touch, taste, or believe as inaccurate. Second, interpretation determines whether sensory information is accurate or inaccurate. Interpretation illustrates how individuals perceive different situations through thoughts and beliefs. Therefore, the way an individual interprets a situation determines the accuracy or inaccuracy of sensory information. Third, the way a person perceives events in his surrounding determines whether the sensory information is accurate or inaccurate. Humans only believe what they can perceive and deny anything that challenges their beliefs (Schacter, 2011). Therefore, people’s perceptions determine the accuracy or inaccuracy of sensory information.
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There are a number of factors that determine the accuracy of sensory data; three of them are cognitive capability, source of data, and reliability of observed facts. First, a person’s ability to evaluate sensory information is dependent on a healthy brain. The senses capacity is emphasized when a person’s brain stores sensory information. This means proper data will be perceived as accurate and incorrect sensory data passed on to the brain will be translated as inaccurate. Second, the source of data influences the accuracy of sensory data. Data or information is obtained from the sense of hearing, touch, smell, and sight. These senses provide accurate sensory information. In addition, a person’s senses should be able to nurture the brain so as to establish correct sensory perception of the information that is received by the brain. Finally, the reliability of observed facts also ascertains the sensory data’s accuracy. Picking up sensory data through defined examination will provide facts and information that are significant for thought linkage or accurate sensory perception (Robinson, 1994).
Question 3
Both nature and nurture play a significant part in understanding and assessing sensory data. Natural experiences permit people to make sense of and evaluate sensory information utilizing compositions that exist in their bodies. As a result, an individual’s genetic composition has an impact on the accurateness of the sensory perception. However, individuals can make correct accounts about events or themselves without the inherent genetic structures. Moreover, the natural behavior of individuals assists in survival purposes more than in devising correct statements or judgments. Nevertheless, external aspects or nurture has an impact on the accuracy of sensory data as well. Nurture comprises all encounters that individuals have from birth until death. Things, for example, occupation, family, school, among others, have a bearing on how individuals make sense of and evaluate sensory information. In this regard, a child who goes to school is able to distinguish between different aspects, for example, decent and dreadful behavior (Schacter, 2011).
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