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Sony corporation and its competitors essay

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Sony Corporation is mainly known as Sony, is a renowned Japanese multinational company with its headquarters in Tokyo Japan. The corporation operates diversified business with its primary focus on games, electronics, financial services as well as entertainment sectors. Sony is among the leading companies in the production of electronics for professional and consumer markets (Flügge, 2008). Sony is one of the most inclusive entertainment companies in the globe with its operations in almost all nations in the world.
The success of the Sony Company is built on its wide line of production that improves with time. There are different forms of entertainment devices that the company has come up with to ensure that every user of the commodities is in line of production by the company. The company has been able to come up with a broad collection of products depending on the requirement of the consumer. These products range from audio, computing, photography, video, mobile communications, and entertainment devices (Tang, Misra & Shanholt, (2012).
This company was the first one to produce portable music player known as the Walkman. This allows people to easily carry music as they move around listening through lightweight headphones. Since its invention, the device has been improved to video, making it one of the most outstanding products of Sony. The company is also a main player in the computing market. It is the produce and seller of computer products like laptops through the VIAO brand. In photography, the company has also been adequately innovative through the production of Sony digital cameras which have adopted the Cyber-shot name (Flügge, 2008).
In the video elements production, the Sony Company has been a main player since 1968 through the production of televisions, and computer monitors. The company has been developing different TV brands. For example, in 2005 the company used the LCD WEGA brand name, which was later changed to BRAVIA. In 2011, the company established the Sharp Display Products Corporation, which aids in the production of the large-sized LCD modules and panels (Tang, Misra & Shanholt, (2012).
The company has also been extremely innovative in mobile devices with extensive mobile devices already in production. It was a pioneer in the smartphone market.
Sony computer Entertainment is also extremely famous with massive production of PlayStation. Sony stands as the best producer of computer games with innovations like PlayStation 4.
The electronics production field is an extremely competitive field with different companies coming up with massive innovations from time to time. These companies include the Panasonic Corporation, Koninklijke Philips Electronics and the SANYO Electric Company Limited (Panasonic Corporation Brand, 2010). The competition between these companies is based on their production of unique electric products.
The three companies pose extensive competition in the electronics market with the production of closely products with Sony products. For example, the Panasonic Corporation has been the world’s leader in the production of prolific electronics. The company has been operating several brands like the Quasar, Technics to make it more competitive and outstanding amongst competitors like Sony and SANYO(Panasonic Corporation Brand, 2010).
The main competition is based on the video products, where companies like SANYO and the Panasonic Corporation are significant players. Each of these rivals has been trying to introduce uniqueness and creativity in quality service driven products (Gia, 2009).
However, there exists minimal difference in the products that these companies bring to the market. For example, the latest innovation in the video sector for LCD TVs and computer screens is a set of related products for these companies. To ensure that the company remains outstanding in the eyes of the consumers of its products, these companies become innovative by developing uniqueness in terms of brand. This is the main reason why the Sony Company has developed brands like the Sony WEGA and Sony BRAVIA(Tang, Misra & Shanholt, (2012). This is to ensure that it gives consumers a wide range of its quality products to counter competition from the other companies in the electronics industry.
The competition strategies for these companies are not based on their production only but they are inclined to other competitive strategies. These companies employ promotional strategies that help them in capturing extremely wide range number of consumers. They employ superstars in different fields to market their products in ensuring that they counter competition from each other (Flügge, 2008). This aids in increasing sales for these companies as people easily connect to these products.
Sony Company has been at the fore front in the fight for opportunities to win extremely large number of consumers. For example, it has been in the promotional strategy through sponsoring search for talents in the United States as well as in other parts of the world (Gia, 2009). It hosts competitions for awards in the music productions, which has made it famous among consumers in the world.
The Sony Company has identified that its competitors do not have the expertise to manufacture PlayStation. Therefore, the company has taken this as an advantage over its competitors by ensuring that a high quality games only originate from the company. This has been the main reason why the company continues to improve delivery for quality products in PlayStation (Bartley, 1996). The uniqueness has defined the company more competitive than its competitors. Through this element, the company has remained outstanding in relation to its competitors.


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