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World famous restaurant

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I would like to introduce a restaurant that has an excellent beachfront view with a romantic sunset that will not cost a fortune to those who will eat there.  It also has a catchy name World Famous and it is located in 711 Pacific Beach Drive, San Diego, California in the United States.   It offers value for your money with the selection of its menu and considering its price with the location, ambiance, and quality of food, it is considered as making the most of your money no wonder it became World Famous.
Normally, restaurants will price their food at a premium if they have excellent location and ambiance such as beachside with a romantic sunset.  World Famous restaurant does not do this.  Believe it or not, they have a selection on their menu that is priced at $2. 50 which is the Grilled Chicken Taco.  Now, that is a third world pricing with a lousy quality of food and ambiance but this is right the beachside of San Diego in the United States.  The priciest that they have is Blackened Prime Rib Bits creamy horseradish at $9. 75.
One might wonder how the restaurant can sustain itself with the price of their food or that the food may be lousy considering the price.  Surprisingly, the restaurant is modestly profitable.  It is able to make money despite its low price due to continuous patronage.  It never runs out of the customer.  So it makes money by scale.  Its food is surprisingly good also at its price. Of course, it is not 5-star quality but it could pass for a 3 star quality at a third world country price.  Service and facility are also okay, the ambiance is excellent.  No wonder people line up just to get a seat in the restaurant and why it is World Famous.

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