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Yonanas competitive trends

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Competitive Trends Each of these companies share a common target market with Yonana’s. This target market is a middle-aged adult who is trying to eat healthy, exercise more, and live an easier more efficient life. Product Competitors: Blendtec Blendtec is a company out of Orem, Utah that specializes in blending. They strive to achieve new and better ways of building machines that improve the quality of life as well as set new standards1. They started a YouTube channel called Will It Blend, which features their blenders blending up items such as IPhones, IPads, marbles, and even fun items such as a vuvuzela.

Their blenders are extremely expensive, but are claimed to be the best blenders in the world. They range from 384. 95 all the way up to a hefty 1034. 95. You can find these blenders in-stores atCostco, Sam’s Club, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Their online retailers include blendtec. com, amazon. com, QVC. com, and everythingkitchens. com. The parent company of Blendtec is K-Tec who is a private company and does not release financial information. Magic Bullet

The magic bullet is brought to you by Homeland Houseware, which specializes in creating household appliances that make life easier2. Homeland Houseware is a division of Alchemy Worldwide, which is a private company and does not release financial information4. The magic bullet is used a handheld product chopper, whether you’re chopping onions for dinner, or fruit for an in-between meal snack. The price range on magic bullets vary from 49. 99 to 65. 99 depending on where you are shopping.

The stores that the magic bullet can be found in are Macy’s, Target, Walmart, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Online retailers include buythebullet. com, amazon. com, buy. com, and QVC. com. Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream Makers Cuisinart is a company based out of Stamford, Connecticut. They were founded in 1971 and are owned by Conair6. They claim that innovative culinary tools are their signature3. They hold many prestigious design awards for many different types of items. They carry 4 different models of their frozen yogurt and ice cream makers.

The prices range from 59. 95 to 299. 00 depending on which model is chosen. Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream Makers can be found in stores at Kohl’s, Lowe’s, and Target. Their online retailers include Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Belk, Bloomingdales, Cooking. com, JCP, Sears, Macy’s, HSN, and many more. Zoku Zoku is a private group of individuals who like to design things that again, make life easier. Their competitive advantage is that they have intelligent designing and engineering. Their patented Quick Pop Maker freezes different flavors of juice into a Popsicle.

They have 10 different product categories, which include the Quick Pop Maker, Duo Pop maker, Zoku tools, Zoku storage, recipe books, sets of Zoku sticks, and a few others. Their online retailers include Sears, Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, Newegg, and Walmart. The prices of their Quick Pop Maker range from 24. 95 to 49. 95 depending on where you shop. JJ Snack Foods JJ Snack Foods is a public manufacturing company out of Pennsauken, New Jersey. They are sold in snack bars andfoodstands in chain and department stores, as well as convenience and discount stores.

The products they sell are Pretzels, ICEE frozen treats, churros, funnel cakes, cookies, Italian ice, and frozen juice bars made from real fruit. JJ Snack Foods is a competitor because they take sales away from Healthy Foods with the sale of their frozen juice bars. They were founded in 1971. This company posts quarterly annual reports on their website and grossed a quarterly amount of 23, 326. 00 from April 2012-June 20128. They also post annual reports, in which states that total sales for 2011 were 744, 071. 009.

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