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Issues in global business

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Module TitleIssues in Global Business and Strategic Concepts ????? Module Code6IM 501????? Module Level6 Credit value40????? Total Number400 of Learning Hours Key Words Implementation of Global strategy, strategy and the organisation, strategic development, globalisation, international business and theenvironment, internationalisation.????? Module Description There has been a fundamental shift in the world’s economy where national economies were once self contained, now cross border business activities and economies are much more inter-dependent on each other.

This module brings together elements of the global business environment with an understanding of the strategy making process. The ability to take an overview of business problem-solving and decision-making processes is necessary for a successfulcareerin business management and administration. This module provides a broad representation of different, and often conflicting, perspectives and theories that reflect the richness of current debate among academics and practitioners in the field.

Initially the module focuses on enabling students to develop skills in the analysis of the strategic environment, development, evaluation and implementation of strategic concepts. These early stages of the module are designed to develop students’ analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills. The module continues with a study of the global business environment and critical evaluation through the use of case studies to develop the student’s awareness and explore good and bad practices within the business process, content and context

Using a consultative approach the module concludes by addressing contemporary global issues and the inter-dependence of national economies balanced with the strategic requirements of the global organisation. Module Learning On successful completion of the module, students will be able to: Outcomes 1. Demonstrate knowledge and a critical approach to the key contemporary theories and concepts recognised in the field of strategic management and globalisation. 2. Apply and critically discuss the appropriateness of relevant theories to complex business situations. 3.

Apply consultancy principles and relevant theory to create, develop, plan and implement the BusinessCase StudyProposal recognising the importance of opportunity realisation and integrating implementation. Module Content * History of the field , evolution and development of strategic management; * Strategic Decision-Making * Formulating and analysing strategy;- The Strategy of International Business * Positioning Analysis – prescriptive and emergent approaches * Levels of Strategy and specifics of the strategy-making practices * Strategy development, evaluation and implementation International expansion and globalisation strategies – Exporting & Importing * Collaboration and competition: Knowledge creation through collaboration/network strategies * Developing and implementing customer-driven strategy *Globalization* National Differences in Political Economy * Ethics in International Business – Values, morality, ethical considerations, CSR * International Trade Theory * Foreign Direct Investment * Multi Nationals & HRM * International Labour Relations * Regional Economic Integration & revision Foreign Exchange Market * Political requirements of International Trade Theory * Research Methods * The Organization of International Business * Entry Strategy and Alliance * Global Production * Financial Management in International business * Ecological Challenges for Business and Society * Consultancy Techniques Module Learning Learning & Teaching Methods and Teaching Via lectures and/or tutorials or seminars to cover substantive areas of knowledge, supported by audio/visual and web materials.

Guest lectures and industrial visits – where appropriate – will be included. Students will be encouraged at all times to read widely for this subject, and to use both personal experiences from work placement(s) – where relevant – and their knowledge gained from their specialist prescribed and elected subjects. Use of interactive media and materials will be widely encouraged to provide the student with a fully rounded perspective and understanding of the module in ‘ live’ situations. Module Assessment Method

CW1: 30% weightingStudents will be asked to demonstrate their understanding of this by firstly critically evaluating an organisation through a given case study and applying their knowledge gained in the lectures and tutorials. They will produce a management-style report showing application, evaluation and evidence of further reading focusing on specific areas of the module. CW2: 70% weighting Students will be required to act as a business consultant and prepare a report analysing a modern day scenario.

This element requires students to utilise appropriate models and techniques, from the whole module content, advising on strategic intervention and its impact on the global environment. Reading list Core Text: Hill, C. (9th Edition), International Business, Competing in the Global Marketplace. (Global Edition) Mc Graw-Hill . Recommended Reading Baranova P. , Knight T. , Milligan J. (2011), Strategy Concepts and Applications, Customised Text, PearsonEducation. Cavusgil, S. Knight, G & Riesenberger, J. (2008) International Business, Strategy, Management, and new Realities. Pearson Prentice Hall. Daniels, J.

Radebaugh, L & Sullivan, D. (2009) International Business, Environments and Operations, 12th Edition, Prentice Hall. De Wit , B. and Meyer, R. (2010), Strategy: Process, Content, Context – An International Perspective, (2010), 4th Edition Text and Cases, South-Western, Cengage Learning. Drucker, P. (1985), Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Heinemann, London Goffin, K. & Mitchell, R. (2005). Innovation management; strategy & implemementation using the pentathlon framework, Palgrave, Basingstoke. Johnson, Whittington and Scholes (2011), Exploring Strategy: Text and Cases, 9th Edition, Prentice Hall, Essex, UK.

Lynch, Richard (2009). Strategic Management, 5th Edition, Prentice Hall, Pearson Education Limited, Essex, UK. Mintzberg, Ahlstrand and Lampel, (2009), Strategy Safari – Your complete guide through the wilds of strategic management. , 2nd Edition, FT Prentice Hall. Mintzberg, Ahlstrand and Lampel, (2005), Strategy Bites Back, FT Prentice Hall. Mintzberg, Lampel, Quinn and Ghoshal (2003), The Strategy Process – Concepts, Contexts, Cases, Global 4th Edition, Prentice Hall. Morrison, J. (2009) International Business, Challenges in a Changing World. Palgrave Macmillion. Morrison, J. 2009) Global Business Environment, Meeting the Challengers, 3rd Edition. Palgrave Macmillion. Inductive Derivation of a Consensus Definition of the Field, Strategic Management Journal, Vol 28, pp 935–955. Pettigrew, Thomas and Whittington (Eds. ), (2006), Handbook of Strategy and Management, Sage. Porter, M. E. “ Competitive Strategy” and “ Competitive Advantage”, (1986), Free Press. Rugman, A. M. & Collinson, S. (2009) International Business 5th Edition. FT Prentice Hall. Wild, J. & Wild, K. & Han, J. C. Y. (2003) International Business 2nd Edition Prentice Hall.

RELEVANT JOURNALS – via Emerald or EBSCO Business PremierHarvardBusiness Review Long Range Planning Sloan Management Review Journal of General Management Strategic Management Journal The Journal of Business Strategy Journal of General Management AdministrativeScienceQuarterly OTHER RESOURCES Where applicable videos, business simulations, case studies etc. will be used to enhance and support the module content. 24/09 | Introduction to the Module| Chapter| Case StudiesVenezuela| 01/10| Employability | | Tesco| 08/10| The Concepts of Strategy| | IBM| 15/10| Value Creation| 13| Assignment Launch| 2/10| Strategic Options for International Business| 14| Wal-Mart/Coca-Cola| 29/110| Organisational Structure and Architecture| 14| Unilever| 05/12ncing/11| Entry Strategy| 15| JCB/General Electric| 12/11| Strategic Alliances| 15| JCB/General Electric| 19/11| Review Strategic concept| | Assignment Review and Workshop| 26/12| Globalization| 1| The Globalization ofHealthCare| 03/12| National Differences in Political Economy| 2| Indonesia| 10/12| Ethics in International Business| 5| Knights Apparel | | | | | Issues in Global Business and Strategic Concepts Autumn 2012 Week Commencing

Hand-in-Date for Assignment One 19th – 26th November 2012. Session | Title| Chapter| Case Studies| 21/01| Welcome Back. Assignment Feedback. Semester 2 Introduction| | Feedback Group Seminar1-1 Tutorials| 28/01| International Trade Theory| 6| Bangladesh`s Textile Trade| 04/02| The Political Economy| 7| The Global Financial Crisis| 11/02| Foreign Direct Investment| 8| Spain’s TelephonicaAssignment Launch| 18/02| Regional Economic Integration| 9| NAFTA/Mexican| 25/02| Assignment Discussion| | Assignment Seminar/ workshop| 04/03| Exporting & Importing| 16| MD International| 11/03| Global Production| 17| Boeing| 8/04| Global Marketing and R & D| 18| Microsoft| 15/04| Consultancy Review| | Assignment Seminar/ workshop| 22/04| Global HRM| 19| AstraZeneca| 29/04| Closing/Review| | Review| | | | | | | | | Issues in Global Business and Strategic Concepts Spring 2013 As the module progresses through this semester, more time will be allocated to assignment study within the tutorial period. This assignment is worth 70% and requires application of the module content to achieve a good grade. Hand-in-Date for Assignment Two 26th – 3rd May 2013

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