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Public Relations is the knowledge that relates to company’s Public Relation policies and management, creating and managing company image by means of Press Release, advertising and company’s presentations.

There are some benefits of PR; it can build a strong sense of corporate identity by promoting its good image to the public/outsiders, clear the misconceptions and prejudices from the public, promote the organization activities/services and products by using, for example, sales promotion. The other ones are attract and keep important/key personnel and also project a sense of social responsibility, for example, by giving donation.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of having a PR department. The advantages are the PR manager can understand the workings of the organizations, can easily establish internal lines of communications, and is on the spot to act quickly when there is a problem which requires his assistance. The disadvantages are a PR manager may be so close to the organization that he may be biased in reporting the activities of the organization and sometimes they don’t have the necessary skills to conduct certain PR activities, therefore it is too expensive to keep an in-house PR department if we seldom use them.

One of the activities of a PR practitioner is featuring official openings of new premises-arrangements for guests, VIPs and press. In this opportunity, my boss has requested me to see to the opening of a branch of the Hypermarket in PekanBaru and to arrange the preparations using the allocated budget of approximately 50 millions and six – point planning model.

The six-point planning models are:

1. Problem analysis

2. Definition of objectives

3. Definition of Publics

4. Selection of media and techniques

5. Planning a budget

6. Evaluation of results


I. Introduction i-ii

II. Body

Problem Analysis 1

Definition of objectives 1-2

Definition of publics 3-5

Selection of media and techniques 5-7

Planning of a budget 7-10

Evaluating of results 11

III. Conclusions 12-13

IV. References 13

I. Problem analysis

In analyzing problem, a PR practitioner should understand the situation first. He or she should first ask many questions as possible to get a clear picture of the situation. One important thing to be considered is that he or she should understand how to change negative situation into positive situation.

In this opening preparation, I divide my employees into several divisions such as:

– Security

– Entertainment

– Consumption

– Advertising

– Receptionist

– Transportation and accommodation

– Invitation

– Program arrangement

II. Definition of objectives

It means specifying the short term and the long term objectives of the PR program because the objectives are measurable but they have to be prioritized.

The objective of this opening is to launch a new branch of the hypermarket in Pekanbaru and to attract new customers to our new branch of Hypermarket.

III. Definition of publics

It is necessary to define public to decide exactly which public can be reached effectively.

In this opening ceremony, we will invite some institutions such as: The Regulatory authority, Suppliers, Distributors, Investors, Customers and Users, Employees and the community, and also the media. The following are the names of our suppliers who will be invited:

– PT Unilever = 5 Cards

– PT Nutrisari Indonesia = 5 Cards

– PT Nestle Indonesia = 5 Cards

– PT Kota Mas Permai = 5 Cards

– PT Asia Sakti Wahid Food = 5 Cards

– PT Indofood = 5 Cards

– PT New Zealand Milk = 5 Cards

– PT Santos Jaya Abadi = 5 Cards

– Tohtonku Sdn. Bhd. = 5 Cards

– Ivy Beauty corporation Sdn. Bhd = 5 Cards

– Kao Industrial (Thailand) co. Lltd = 5 Card

– PT Elex Media Komputindo = 5 Cards

– PT Softex Indonesia = 5 Cards

– PT Kao Indonesia = 5 Cards

– PT Ultra Dwi Lestari Della Perkasa = 5 Cards

– PT Laris Jaya = 5 Card

– PT Mustika Ratu = 5 Cards

– PT Pedefindo = 5 Cards

– PT Kosmindah Wangi = 5 Cards

– PT Yapolar Indonesia = 5 Cards

– PT Mawar Sejati = 5 Cards

– PT Dunrica Mutiara = 5 Cards

– PT Mahakam Beta Farma = 5 Cards

– PT Lionindo Jaya = 5 Cards

– PT Abbott Indonesia = 5 Cards

– PT Procter & Gambler = 5 Cards

– PT Mandon Indonesia, Tbk = 5 Cards

– PT Malidas Sterilindo = 5 Cards

– PT Wisons Indonesia = 5 Cards

– PT Sara Lee Body Care Indonesia = 5 Cards

– PT Kinocare Era Kosmetindo = 5 Cards

– PT Surya Mas Mentari = 5 Cards

– PT Monde Mahkota Biskuit = 5 Cards

– PT Universal Indofood Product = 5 Cards

– PT Citra Deli Kreasitama = 5 Cards

– PT Sari Incofood corporation = 5 Cards

– PT Sariwangi A. E. A = 5 Cards

– PT Sumatera The Indonesia = 5 Cards

– PT Sterling Product Indonesia = 5 Cards

– PT Heinz ABC Indonesia = 5 Cards

– PT Universe Lion = 5 Cards

– PT Beiers dorf Indonesia = 5 Cards

– PT Tirta Sibayakindo = 5 Cards

– PT Malidas Sterilindo = 5 Cards

– PT Netrania Kasih Karunia = 5 Cards

– PT Ultra Prima Abadi = 5 Cards

– PT Nabisco Foods = 5 Cards

– PT Olagafood = 5 Cards

– PT Anugerah Setia Lestari = 5 Cards

– PT Pindo Deli Pulps & Paper Mills = 5 Cards

– PT Bayer Indonesia Tbk = 5 Cards

– PT PZ Cussons Indonesia = 5 Cards

– PT Binakarya Prima = 5 Cards

– PT Multielok Cosmetic = 5 Cards

– PT Cadbury Indonesia = 5 Cards

– PT Aqua Golden Mississippi = 5 Cards

– PT Karunia Sari Rejeki = 5 Cards

– PT Squibb Indonesia Tbk = 5 Cards

– PT Artois Pharmaceutical Indo co. Ltd = 5 Cards

– PT Intiboga Sejahtera = 5 Cards

= 300 Cards

Regulatory authority = 10 Cards

Investors = 200 Cards

Distributors = 40 Cards

Employees = 150 Cards

Customers and users = 250 Cards

The Media = 50 Cards

= 1. 000 Cards

IV. Selection of media and techniques

There are some suppliers who want to advertise our Grand Opening in some newspaper, these are the following:

Analisa Newspaper

– PT Heinz ABC Indonesia

– PT Aqua Golden Mississippi

– PT Cadbury Indonesia

– PT Sariwangi A. E. A

– PT Unilever Indonesia

– PT Nutrisari Indonesia

– PT Nestle Indonesia

– PT Kota Mas Permai

– PT Asia Sakti Wahid Food

– PT New Zealand Milk

Medan Bisnis Newspaper

– PT Indofood

– PT Santos Jaya Abadi

– Tohtonku Sdn. Bhd.

– Ivy Beauty corporation Sdn. Bhd

– Kao Industrial (Thailand) co. Lltd

– PT Elex Media Komputindo

– PT Softex Indonesia

– PT Kao Indonesia

– PT Ultra Dwi Lestari Della Perkasa

– PT Laris Jaya

Waspada Newspaper

– PT Mustika Ratu

– PT Pedefindo

– PT Kosmindah Wangi

– PT Yapolar Indonesia

– PT Mawar Sejati

– PT Dunrica Mutiara

– PT Mahakam Beta Farma

– PT Lionindo Jaya

– PT Abbott Indonesia

– PT Procter & Gambler

Sinar Indonesia Baru Newspaper

– PT Mandon Indonesia, Tbk

– PT Malidas Sterilindo

– PT Wisons Indonesia

– PT Sara Lee Body Care Indonesia

– PT Kinocare Era Kosmetindo

– PT Surya Mas Mentari

– PT Monde Mahkota Biskuit

– PT Universal Indofood Product

– PT Citra Deli Kreasitama

– PT Sari Incofood corporation

V. Planning of a budget

– Security

Security man (10 people) @50. 000,- Rp. 500. 000,-

Medicines (P3K) Rp. 100. 000,-

– Entertainment

Tend Rp. 350. 000,-

Chairs (800 pcs) @ 2. 000,- Rp. 1. 600. 000,-

Sofa (2 sets) @150. 000,- Rp. 300. 000,-

Decoration Rp. 350. 000,-

Documentation Rp. 600. 000,-

Sound System Rp. 750. 000,-

MC Rp. 400. 000,-

Singer (2 people) @250. 000,- Rp. 500. 000,-

Dancer (12people) @125. 000,- Rp. 1. 500. 000,-

Lucky Draw voucher

First Prize Rp. 1. 000. 000,-

Second Prize Rp. 500. 000,-

Third Prize Rp. 250. 000,-

Hiburan Prize @50. 000 Rp. 500. 000,-

– Consumption

Lunch Box (1000 boxes)@4. 500,- Rp. 4. 500. 000,-

Mineral Water (25 boxes)@12. 000,- Rp. 300. 000,-

Tissue Rp. 50. 000,-

– Advertising

The advertisement will be sponsored by several suppliers in several newspapers such as Analisa, Medan Bisnis, Waspada and Sinar Indonesia Baru.

Brochure (1. 000 pcs) @90,- Rp. 90. 000,-

– Receptionist

Souvenir (1200 pcs) @5. 000,- Rp. 6. 000. 000,-

Flower (100pcs) @2. 000,- Rp. 200. 000,-

– Transportation and accommodation

Plane Ticket (4 people) @350. 000,- Rp. 1. 400. 000,-

Rent a car Rp. 150. 000,-

Hotel (2 rooms) @200. 000,- Rp. 400. 000,-

– Invitation

Invitation card (1. 000 pcs) @1. 650 Rp. 1. 650. 000,-

Sending fee Rp. 1. 000. 000,-

– Unexpected fee Rp. 15. 000. 000,-

Rp. 39. 940. 000,-

– Program arrangement (PR)

The Opening will be held on Saturday, 14 August 2004, in the Parking Area of the Hypermarket. It will start at 10am to 4pm. The following are the arrangements:

10. 00 am Pengguntingan Pita

10. 20 am The President Director’ speech

10. 40 am The Vice President’ speech

11. 00 am The Governor of Riau’ speech

11. 20 am The vice Governor’ speech

11. 40 am The PR manager’ speech

12. 00 pm Lunch Time

12. 30 pm First show: Singer

13. 00 pm First show: Dancer

13. 30 pm Lucky Draw: Part I

14. 00 pm Second show: Singer

14. 30 pm Second show: Dancer

15. 00 pm Lucky Draw: Part II

15. 30 pm Lucky Draw’ prize giving: The President Director

16. 00 pm Closing speech: PR Manager

VI. Evaluating of results

We have to evaluate/assess the result whether this program have been successful or not and the result can be very useful for future planning. The result of the opening of the branch of the Hypermarket can be evaluated by using some methods, such as, by:

– Media feedback

– Responses received

– Statistical feedback


We need to follow the six-point planning model so that we can arrange it well. First of all, the PR practitioner must analyze the problems, understanding the situation by asking as many questions as possible to get a clear picture of the situation.

The second step is to define the objective. Specifying the short term and long term objectives of the PR because the objectives are measurable but they have to be prioritized.

The third step is to define the publics. In this part, we need to define the publics to decide exactly which publics can be reached effectively. PR publics can be varied and many, and not only buyers. The groups of the publics are as follows, the community, potential employees, employees, suppliers, investors, distributors, customers and users, opinion leader, regulatory authorities, and the media.

The fourth step is the selection of media and techniques. In order to reach and have a good communication with the publics, we can use several types of media, such as, Press, radios, exhibitions, sponsorships, seminars and conferences, and many others.

The next step is the budgeting. This budgeting consists of 4 elements, labors cost, office overheads, supporting materials and expenses.

The last step is the evaluation of results. This step is to evaluate whether the program have been successful or not, and this result can be use for future references. This step can only be done after all the programs have done.


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