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The columbine

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Tears falling like rain in a thunderstorm. Hugs given out to random people. Hands grasping together and never letting go. People screaming and sobbing. Police cars all around, officers searching the building. Paramedics carrying bloody people into ambulances; rushing them to the hospital.

Teenagers grabbing their friends and sobbing “ How could they do this?” Parents screamed ” How could 2 teenagers do this to us?” The agony, the pain, the devastation, and sorrow was caused by two people. Twelve wonderful friends, family members, brothers and sisters lost their lives and will never get them back. How could two teenage boys create such a plan that could ruin people’s lives, and their friend’s and family’s lives too? On April 20th, 1999, tragedy struck a small town called Littleton, Colorado at Columbine high school. 2 teenage boys ruined many lives. Their named where Dylan KLebold and Eric Harris.

They were 2 teenagers that killed 12 students and 1 teacher. They shot many more. They were picked on at school and didn’t fit in. The boys planned the dreadful day out. They planned in their rooms and if their parents would have went into the, then they could have found many things that could have led up to the tragedy.

Police found out that there was a website that led up to the depressing event. The day didn’t go as exactly as planned. They wanted a bomb to go off at exactly 11: 17 but something went wrong and it didn’t. If it would have gone off, then they would have shot any survivors running out of the building. After they realized it didn’t go off, they went back inside the building and starting shooting.

They were laughing as they didn’t care of what pain they were giving people. The teachers got frightened and told their students to get into the classrooms. Sometimes between the time off 12: 05 and 12: 08 the boys went to the south side of the school and shot themselves in the head. That ended the tragic event. But they didn’t just end it; it started a whole new part in people’s lives that they never would have thought about.

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